NULS Story:How I Meet NULS (Recap)


Aurora:Good evening, everyone! I’m Aurora, nice to see you here. It’s my great pleasure to have the opportunity to host the AMA tonight.

I believe that you have already heard about NULStar before. In the past months, our Chinese community and the Portuguese community have some excellent NULStars, such as Xfans from east China, Weiqing Li from Hunan, Liang from Shenzhen and Youjishou from Jiangsu.

In Portugal, Joao has built up a strong team, such as Viriato, Antonio, Bitnoob, Renan and Pizzi, who have helped Joao a lot in his daily work.

Now our new NULStar program has launched. If you are interested about it, we sincerely invite you join us:

So, let’s get started on tonight’s AMA. Please give Danail a warm welcome!!

Q1:Hello, Danail! It’s a great pleasure to invite you to this AMA. We in Chinese community have heard many stories about you. Would you please introduce yourself to us first?

Danail :Hello everyone! Happy to be with you here today! It’s great that I can meet my friends from China.

My name is Danail Stefanov. I am from Bulgaria. My friends call me Danny. I work usually as a Bar Attendant but Crypto is my passion since 2017. I love the possibilities Crypto World is giving to regular people like me. And I am very communicative person because of my work. I love meeting new people, sharing ideas with them, talking about life with them. And something interesting. Before I start working as a Bar Attendant, I was a Limo Driver in Chicago, USA. So I met thousands of people there in my work. And actually so many people from China as well.

Aurora:Yeah, we can see Danail is very active in social medias. He always interact with us in many platforms.

Q2: How did you learn about NULS? What’s your first impression of NULS?

Danail : About NULS I’ve learned from an AMA actually. There was AMA NULS in GAINS Telegram group in March, so I was participating, doing the quiz and ask questions.

I was so impressed from Berzeck. The passion he was answering every single question from Community was unbelievable. He answered every single question and the AMA was more than 3 hours, I think. The details and the passion in every answer from him got me.

So, after that I was one of the Winners in this AMA. And when I got the NULS in my wallet and with the brilliant and passionate Berzeck, I decided to go deeper and to read way more about the project. I studied the NULS White Paper I went again through all the questions and answers in GAINS AMA and I already was interested to read more and more about the project.

Aurora: You had such a serendipity with NULS and Berzeck was your mentor 😊

Q3:We know that Danail is now the NULStar of Bulgaria , as well as the top contributor of Q1. You have made continuous effort for NULS before becoming a NULStar.What motivated you to get involved in the development of NULS?

Danail :First, I want to say thank you for all my friends from Chinese Community who voted for me and made me one of the top NULS contributors of Q1 2020.

So, few things I want to mention here:

1.The effort and passion from Berzeck during the AMA in Gains Telegram group get me; and from the AMA, I gradually realize that NULS is a great project and with many creative products ,which provides enterprise solutions for projects.NULS is committing to make the blockchain easier indeed!

2.The warm attitude from the team .As I was one of the winners of the AMA, I got the warm and nice answer when NULS contacted me on Twitter to claim my AMA prize(it was Amy I found out later);

3.And the NULS Community, really awesome and nice people ready to help you with all the questions you have — Here I have a small story.

I contacted Berzeck in private to help me with Nabox wallet. He was so nice to explain everything in detail, he even provided me screenshots how to do everything right cause I wanted to stake some NULS. Other people who deserving mention here are Amy, Aurora and Joao. They helped me later with all the questions I have.

Aurora: There are so many projects in the crypto world. Actually, investing is also invest a team behind the project. In different communities and projects, everyone will look for a sense of value and belonging, which can make people more willing to stay there, root and contribute to themselves.

I have a similar experience in NULS community with you. There are too many stories behind of sharing happiness and suffering. We have experienced both joys and lows.

But NULS is like our child, we are with him for his every step of growth. We may be disappointed at him sometimes, but we will never abandon him.

Q4:How have you progressed since becoming NULStar? What’s your feelings about it?

Danail :So here you can look at my monthly report in official NULS Forum:

So how is this looks briefly:

1)Writing and translating articles about NULS(I’ve done 7 so far in April);

2)Make pictures with NULS Logo(I’ve done about 20 in April. More will come. I know you guys love them and even use them for profile pictures here in WeChat);

3)Setting different groups in Social Media — I’ve established two groups in Telegram, one in Twitter and one in Facebook;

4)Making Shirts with NULS Logo and Nerve Network Logo so I can make the project popular among my Crypto Friends. I already got 2 hats as well 😊

Aurora: Your pictures are amazing! We in Chinese community like them so much. They use some pictures as their wechat profile and I use one as my weibo profile photo.

Q5:After being deeper involved in NULS, do you get any other new ideas of NULS?

Danail: Yeah, I always have an ideas 😊 I’m going to mention one of them here.

So, for me the products NULS is offering are really a huge possibility for business. Let us take for example Chain Factory. There is no other project out there who is giving you possibility to build your own blockchain with really low cost and from very experienced and educated team like NULS team.

And we all know that NULS has one of the most hard-working teams. All the developers, ambassadors, Berzeck who is participating in AMAs every week, all the Contributors. A lot of people working hard out there for the progress.

But good results need time and we as a Community need patience.

In my opinion NULS is very undervalued now. Look in some at the key points of the project:

1] Microsrervices architecture.- unique in crypto which enable us to evolve and adapt a lot faster

2] SCO process with POCM contract: which enable people to invest in projects that build over NULS without risking their capital, just the staking amount generated ( ). If a project is widely successful then it may generate NULS buying pressure directly

3] USDI stable coin pegged to USDT validated by smart contracts. The USDI holder can gain double rewards of at least 5.2% annual financial management and NULS staking .

4] Soon to be launched: DEX. We are all excited about it!

5] Governance tools: for voting (

6] ChainBox and Chain Factory to create custom blcokchains ( that have a viable business model (selling premium modules for a price).

So, I am going to say it again, all we need as a Community is patience.

And the other thing we need to keep going, keep talking about NULS, keep sharing news about NULS, keep writing articles about NULS, spreading all social medias about NULS. Community so far was great with this so I really love it.

Something I am planning to do this or next month. After clothes and hats I’ll do a big sticker for my personal car. So anywhere I travel people can see NULS logo. When I’m done with this, I’ll share it among the Community.

About the development and actually building the blockchain using Chain Factory I participated in one AMA about it in NULS Community group in Telegram and I have a idea to translate some of the major points from this AMA in Bulgarian together with the most important features so I can offer this opportunity to businesses in Bulgaria.

Aurora: Well said and very detailed! There are a lot of things that we can do together. I remember Danail once said English group, if everyone moves and does something, it will make a difference.

Q6:Do you have any prospects and suggestions for NULS?

Danail: One Suggestion from me is to try to build strong NULS Communities in Central and East Europe cause a lot of people are interested in Crypto in this part of the World.

I am going to mention few countries: Italy, Germany, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and more of course. I am doing my best to establish good Bulgarian Community, but my country is small. There a way more bigger countries with a lot of possibilities for NULS.

Aurora: Yes, NULS is a community driven project, and more and more projects are focus on community development. Europe is indeed a very big market that we can explore. We also hope you can develop more members like you to strengthen NULS.

Q7:Could you share your work plans for the next few months with us ? What support and assistance would you like from the community and team?

Danail: Here I will share some of my major work plans cause together with the major ones I have a small surprise and I want to keep them in secret for now.

So some major points:

1.Growing all the Communities I established in Telegram, Twitter and Facebook. For me Bulgarian Community is important but part of my work will be to promote NULS all over the social medias as well with English posts and articles( Here I plan massive expansion of the social medias I do that — At the moment I do that only on Twitter, Medium and Telegram but in my report for May you will see the progress about that).

2.Second, thing is translating more and more Articles about NULS in Bulgarian cause I want more and more people from my country to get involved in NULS.

3.Third, more ideas about NULS Advertising. I already mention the idea with my car. Banners on some websites for example.

4.Fourth, talking and sharing about NULS all the time in my personal Twitter account, and in the Telegram groups. I am Community Moderator in 2 Telegram groups about Crypto so NULS will be mentioned there often.

And of course the last and big milestone for me it will be applying for NULS Ambassador for Q3 2020. This is what I work for. So I hope so you guys will support me when the voting time come.

Some comments of community members in the AMA:

Reaper: There are many community members contributing to NULS and asking for nothing in return, which always gives me motivation to move on.

Siyin: NULS community is really doing well in this side, and no other community has such dedicated members who contribute to the community continuously.

Shizhong: NULS community is the best community I’ve involved in. I love your pictures very much!

Amy: Each NULStar is a shining star that lights NULS all the way.

Shizhong: Stick to the right things and we will have the right results. I believe in NULS.

Aurora: I hope you can be our Bulgaria ambassador soon! I will vote for you!

All other community members wish that soon NULS 100 and we can eat hot pot together! That’s the hot pot appointment between NULS team and community!


More Information about NULS you can find at:


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