Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets: Armored Up ruleset

By NoZem | Nozem01 Splinterlands | 24 Mar 2023


Hi everyone! For this weeks challenge, it's the Armored Up ruleset, in which every monster gets +2 additional armor on top of it's normal stats.


With this ruleset, you can expect magic to be played because magic damage ignores armor and damage the health points no matter how much armor the monster has, so depending on what type of player you are you go OR heavy magic, preferably using summoners that buffs the magic damage, such as:
- Alric Stormbringer (Water - Wild League)
- Delwyn Dragonscale (Dragon - Wild League)
- Valnamor (Water - Wild League)
- Obsidian (Earth - Modern League)

For me, I like to counter play my opponents, so I rather search for abilities such as Void, Void Armor, Phase, Spell Reflect and Silence. This great game is so versatile and the options are limitless, that's what makes the game so great imo. Options for me would be:
- Grandmaster Rathe (Life - Modern League)
- Immortalis (Earth - Modern League)
- Thadius Brood (Death - Modern League)
- Owster Rotwell (Death - Modern League)
- Bortus (Water - Modern League)
- Mimosa Nightshade - Death - Modern League)
- Sthispa (Dragon - Modern League)

Wow, so all magic countering summoners are Modern ones! I never realised this, learning from my own posts lol!
Depending on what summoners you have available in your deck and at what level you make your own choices, for example, I own a Owster Rotwell but only a lvl 1 so I rarely use it, it was from the time I started playing with lvl 1 cards, instead, I prefer my higher lvl summoners.

Funny sidenote; I started with this post yesterday and battled my 2 accounts from around 40 energy all the way to 0, and only got ONE armored up ruleset battle in around 80 macthes! In the one battle I did get, I got my ass handed to be big time, so it wasn't suitable to include it in my post !

Today, I was fighting my guilds Brawl battles and I got a Amplify / Melee Mayhem / Armored Up ruleset, so, like I told before, I generally expect magic to be played, and I like to counter this.
The mana cap was 29 and all splinters were available except for Dragon.


My opponents guild is called Full Counter, good he didn't lived up to that name lol!
You can watch the battle here for yourself.

I went for Immortalis with a double tank to soak up some damage before my magic cards would get to the front, and played the Mushroom Seer with the Silence ability. Together with the Void from Immortalis it's a great combination. I went for Immortalis because of the Armored Up ruleset, Immortalis not only has Void, but also Shatter, in my oppinion it makes him the best option for this ruleset.
My silence worked great, all enemy cards except for the Goblin Psychic did 0 damage to my tank with void, my opponent had no chance at all to defeat me, and my tank got healed by my Goblin Psychic, still having my full team standing in the last round.




Thank you for reading!!!

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Have a great day!


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