5 Weird Currencies Vol.2


Crypto world is full of wonders that never stop to amuse us: on the one hand, you can make transactions in cryptocurrency or earn profit from mining, that is incredibly serious. On the other hand, you can glance at the funny side of the community with the list of funny cryptocurrencies that keeps on constantly increasing.


Do you like bananas? Crypto community has a yammy option for you, a 4th generation fungible cryptocurrency. Yellow and stylish, it has a lot of admirers interested in making and accepting payments in the currency. Want to earn it? You have a black monkey game.
Sounds like a funny choice, doesn’t it? All in all, you can easily enter the crypto jungels with the currency

Cthulhu Offerings

Spooky, scary, and stylish, Cthulhu Offerings was not released for the sake of making money as their founder, McKinney has explained. The currency was released because “Cthulhu deserves a way for people to waste electricity in his name.”


If a gun, then a safe one. This virtual currency has started as way of expressing love for fiirearms. The brand’s target is to provide the firearms industry with a fast and secure way of accepting micro transactions.
The official site itself looks like a western movie. Would you like to feel as a cowboy? Give it a try.


The whole world is in love with pretty tiny pandas that enrich our ecosystem. These pandas can also enrich your wallet. The founders claim that one can earn 2.5% annual interest, if the computer is online and PandaBank is open.


Would you fancy a fresh out of the oven garlic? In 2017 a reddit user created a namecoin to conduct fast, transparent, and cheap transactions. The coin is secure, decentralized and can boast 40 second block times. As well as that, it can provide you with some garlic recipes to obsess over.
As you see, the world of cryptocurrency has much peculiar things to pay attention to. Hope, you enjoyed our second issue of the weird currencies review. Here you can read the first one. Do you like articles of this kind? Next week we will definitely please you with the part three. Be sure to comment if you are much into such articles, and we will make more reviews of this kind!


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