How to Run Dedicated Node

By NOWNodes | NOWNodes | 27 Apr 2024

For those interested in blockchain development, dedicated nodes are the pinnacle. They ensure maximum control, reliability, and performance, providing a secure environment for transactions. What are dedicated nodes, and how do they differ from shared nodes? Who can benefit from dedicated nodes? We’ll cover these questions in the article.

How Do Dedicated Nodes Work?

Dedicated nodes operate by providing exclusive access to a blockchain network for individual users or organizations. Unlike shared nodes, which distribute resources among multiple users, dedicated nodes allocate all resources to a single user or entity. This ensures maximum control, reliability, and performance for the dedicated node operator.

Dedicated Node VS Shared Node

When it comes to accessing blockchain networks, understanding the difference between dedicated nodes and shared nodes is crucial. In general, these are the same nodes, but dedicated nodes are superior in individuality: only you can have‌ access to it. And when it comes to ‌network load, dedicated nodes have better performance.

Shared nodes, provided by Crypto APIs, offer a practical solution for crypto businesses requiring greater throughput without extensive resources. On the other hand, dedicated nodes provide top-notch performance, with the main distinction being exclusivity. When you opt for a dedicated node, it’s yours alone, offering enhanced security and privacy. In cloud computing, it is similar to a dedicated VPS (the physical hardware node that runs a number of virtual servers). And dedicated nodes ensure that your transactions and data remain entirely private and under your control. 

This makes them perfect for high-performance dApps, large-scale crypto storage, or those looking to scale up rapidly. With dedicated nodes, dApps can process unlimited requests per second, making them a robust solution for projects demanding high reliability and scalability.


Who Can Benefit from Dedicated Nodes?

Dedicated nodes are favored by network participants who require maximum control, reliability, and performance from their node operations. 

  • Enterprises use them to ensure the security and stability of critical operations, meeting high-volume transaction needs.
  • These nodes are also essential for crypto exchanges, ensuring efficient trading platforms.
  • Staking providers use dedicated nodes to offer reliable staking services and generate rewards.

Overall, dedicated nodes are indispensable for wallets, exchanges, staking providers and dApps, providing the infrastructure needed for success in the blockchain ecosystem. If you are a growing project and plan to send a huge amount of requests, then a dedicated node might as well be a more beneficial and cost-effective solution for you, as it has no limits.

How to Run Dedicated Node

Dedicated nodes offer numerous benefits for network participants. For example Shibarium is specifically designed to support the Shiba Inu ecosystem, which includes not only the cryptocurrency but also various projects connected to NFTs, gaming, and decentralized finance (DeFi) services. What makes Shibarium unique is that it’s built as a Layer 2 (L2) solution on top of the Ethereum blockchain. This means it inherits all the advantages of Ethereum, including its wide range of integrations, along with optimizations for performance and reduced transaction fees.

Launching a dedicated node can be done in two different ways:

Option 1 – with NOWNodes

Request a node on NOWNodes executes all the other steps.


Option 1 – by your own

1. Ensure a stable connection.

2. Determine the hardware and software node specifications required for your dedicated node based on your performance and scalability needs.

3. Provide your own hardware (server).

4. Install and configure the necessary node software and dependencies according to the network’s requirements.

5. Deploy your dedicated node on the chosen hosting provider’s infrastructure, ensuring optimal network connectivity and security.

6. Regularly monitor your dedicated node’s performance and security, applying necessary updates and maintenance to ensure optimal operation.

7. Handle expertise in security, including legal aspects and tech updates. 1. Select a reputable node hosting provider like NOWNodes that offers dedicated node hosting services for Shibarium.

Launching a dedicated node with NOWNodes provides numerous benefits. By selecting NOWNodes, users gain access to reliable hosting services specifically tailored for networks like Shibarium.


Why NOWNodes?

NOWNodes stands out as a leading provider of dedicated node hosting services for Shibarium and other blockchain networks. There are several reasons why:

  • Exclusive resources for each dedicated node, ensuring optimal performance and security.
  • User-friendly platform for deploying and managing dedicated nodes, simplifying the process for users of all skill levels.
  • Comprehensive 24/7 technical support to assist users with node setup, configuration, and maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • NOWNodes maintains direct communication with the blockchain networks and performs updates in a timely manner.


Dedicated nodes offer unmatched control, reliability, and security, making them the preferred choice for serious network participants. We offer fair prices for dedicated node services and provide high standard performance and security. 

By choosing NOWNodes, users gain access to exclusive features, 24/7 tech support, user-friendly deployment. Whether you’re a blockchain developer, enterprise, foundation, or service provider, understanding the benefits of dedicated nodes and choosing the right hosting provider like NOWNodes can greatly enhance your experience and success in the blockchain ecosystem.


Are dedicated nodes more expensive than shared nodes?

Yes, dedicated nodes typically involve higher upfront costs compared to shared nodes. However, the benefits they offer in terms of performance, security, and profitability often justify the investment for serious network participants.

Why do people use providers to create dedicated nodes?

There is an option to run a node independently; however, using a provider ensures stable performance and supports network upgrades without the need for an in-house DevOps engineer and cybersecurity knowledge. Additionally, this option eliminates the need for substantial expenditures on server rentals, cloud services, or additional equipment that you would otherwise purchase yourself. We handle all of that, including ongoing support 24/7.

Can I switch from a shared node to a dedicated node?

Just leave us a message

How is the cost determined and how does the payment process flow?

The cost is determined by request. It’s divided into a monthly plan fee and a one-time setup fee.

Is individual 24/7 support available for dedicated nodes?

Yes, we provide 24/7 technical support tailored to your preferred workflow.

Can I use other networks on the dedicated node?

No. If we deploy for example a Shibarium dedicated node, access will be provided only to the Shibarium node through the specified endpoint, where it will be hosted. For access to other networks you should get another endpoint/node.


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