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Why Does Everyone Want To Start A Business?

By Z Lady | Now or Never | 9 May 2022

Babies are born as free-spirited souls who are taught the societal coordination and acceptance by all the means and phrases you and I have crossed in childhood and teen years.

Yet we cannot deny the fact that we all crave independence like oxygen. Who would choose to enslave someone for the rest of his life over dominating others to work under him?

The spectrum of business is large but vaster are reasons that people give to enter this line. As someone who belongs to a family of engineers, the rebel inside me brought up the interest and passion to not work 9-5, get a home, a car and live a stable life like all around me. Instead, I would prefer to risk it all at once and either achieve the potential or fall and restart.

The more you open up with teens these days, especially Generation Z, you'll figure out that most of them are against the typical and traditional work ethics and have plans for startups. I jotted down a few explanations that my friends gave from across the world!

1) "I don't want my children to have the same life like me... I wish they'll have all the things I craved and I will work my butt off to make it a reality for them."

2) "My family business has nationally flourished for more than three decades. Now, I have to spread it internationally."

3) "It's my childhood dream to be in blue suits and big companies. This is why I did MBA and got experience. I will persuade my passion."

4) "I simply started a small online jewelry workspace as I had no work in day time at home. Didn't know I could grow so much!"

5) "I started freelancing in odd hours of working as a dentist's assistant and saved as much as I could... It took me four years to gather the courage to stop that exhausting daily cycle and curse every day. Today I run my own dental pharmacy and earn nearly double after a hard work year.


What are your reasons and stories? We'd love to hear! Also, Since you've clicked on this blog, I am pretty sure you've intriguing ideas and exciting theories in mind. Let us know how, when, and what triggered the hunger for "being your own boss" to begin inside you! :)))Β 

Thank You!Β 

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