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Nahhhhhhhhhhhh dude, it’s 5:30 am somewhere and I know there are other lunatics out there like me who are staring at the CoinMarketCap app and just watching their portfolios fluctuate with the market and it’s volatile up’s and down’s. My girlfriend is laying next to me in bed, binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy re-runs on Netflix and cuddling with our cute little pups. I’m sucking on nicotine lozenges and drinking cold brew-coffee and espresso like it’s water. 

As soon as she goes to sleep I will be writing on this thing about how I need to buy more bitcoin and how I still am stacking XRP and XLM even though I am diametrically opposed to the companies that are funding their projects. I don’t like knowing that the big banking conglomerates are trying to move in on bitcoin and especially the alt-coin cryptocurrency world. I am still a bitcoin elitist, and am hodl’ing until the end. I know it’s going to moon soon and a 1MIL BTC is coming in the near future.

What does this have to do with cartoons you ask? 



But I could care less. It’s what I’m interested in, and you should be too.

I am going to make a post with things that I find important and interesting.

I haven’t listened to INTERPOL in a while, but maybe I’ll take a break from the lo-fi hip hop and mallsoft that has been playing non-stop in my mind and on my Spotify.


My girlfriend is asking me to give her a back rub, so I will have to update this later. 

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But yeah dude... I’ll be back.





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