My New Digital Addiction.


It all started with a simple DM on instagram. My friend, Mikey, who’s a celebrity tattoo artist out in Hollywood messaged me and said, “Dude, you need to get some bitcoin.”

I didn’t know the first thing about bitcoin. 

But what I did know, was that I did an illustration for a client who worked in I.T. about a decade ago, and he offered me this thing I’d never heard of for the artwork I just did. He said, “Hey, I’ll give you 10 bitcoin for that drawing. Or, I’ll pay you around $240 cash.“ I was a “starving artist,” and the cash sounded good. Plus, I didn’t know what the hell a “bitcoin” was. 

Oh how I wish I had a time machine.


Well, a decade goes by, and I could care less about bitcoin. I thought I missed out on the cryptocurrency revolution. That it was too late.


I was taught differently. My friend, the tattoo artist, explained to me how a very small percent of the population own Bitcoin and how it’s going to be THE currency of the future. I believed him. And I still do.

So, I tried a bunch of different exchange sites but none of them would accept my debit card.

Finally, I tried CashApp. And it worked. 

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I bought my first $50 worth of Bitcoin. 

But what now? 

I contemplated going on the dark web, and thought how cool it would be to order some Valium from Mexico, or some Adderall from anywhere.

Or maybe I would just watch it grow. 

So I made the wise (and legal) choice, and decided on the latter. (Plus I’m clean and sober and don’t use drugs)

I added to my bitcoin collection. 

I kept buying a little at a time, until it started growing a little bit more and more. 


Then I found some videos on youtube and did a bunch of reading (on this site and elsewhere on the internet) and started to learn about alt-coins and dollar cost averaging. I learned about Bulls and Bears, and zooming and booming and falling crashing burning and most importantly of all.... HODL’ING.




I then read somewhere about EMBER and how it was basically a cryptocurrency hedge-fund app

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I then started getting hooked watching coin market cap app and CoinGecko, CoinCap, CryptoTrader, etc...



Now all i do is watch it go up and down and up and down... I make little trades, and buy when I can. Sell when I have to. And Now I’m even more careful with my digital footprint. I try to use encryption and use email services like PROTONMAIL. I keep my crypto on a hardwallet, and try to learn more about encryption and blockchain.


There are so many apps and websites it’s almost overwhelming.


Tons of you tubers and its difficult sometimes deciding which one’s to believe and which people I think are just shills doing pump and dumps and pushing crap coins.


I’ve made a few smart moves, a few dumb moves... but I love crypto, and love learning and talking about it.



I am annoying everyone around me, and sorry if I annoyed you too.


If not, and if you’re like me... leave me a comment and maybe give me some advice.




Until then, I’ll keep drawing my cartoons and buying my bitcoins. I hope you will too.




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Cartoonist. Bitcoin Enthusiast. Crip-Walking Champion of Bozeman Montana 1987.


NORMAN® COMICS the blog is a digital memento created by cartoonist, illustrator, cryptocurrency connoisseur and bon-vivant, Aaron Gombar. Aaron hails from Boulder, Colorado. He has worked for companies such as Volcom, Hewlett-Packard, aNYthing, VICE, and numerous skateboarding companies. He was the official cartoonist of the I AM RAPAPORT STEREO PODCAST, and is currently working on his first graphic novel as well as his comic strip, NORMAN® (

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