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By Noodles | Noodles CryptoNoticias | 9 Jul 2019

What happen to nanogames? The week of the June 14 nanogames run a new update to the site like.

  • New color scheme
  • New Spin game ( change your cubs to a real currency) 
  • an improved invested system with investment leveraging.
  • now our panda have a the best name ever, pls say hello to PACO
  •  BlackJack has been overhauled and you can now host your own table with your own funds as table bankroll.
  • Track the Greens and reds with the simple built-in Trend Tracker On/Off toggle button
  • Show off your big wins with the "Biggest Winner Today" rankings.
  • Multiple language chats (English, Chinese, spanish , vietnamese,russian and Spam)
  • Non-dice game was removed

With this new update  the site change a lot as you can see at the first time login in the website (if you want to know how it looks like before enter here)



The crash now have Trends option to have  a better look of those reds you surely want to avoid {



Now blackjack have a new nice look too   , also you can choose the table you want to be  or create your own table and become the dealer Usefull to play with friends or new players 



We will talk just about new things in nanogames in this post so , lets get out the table the hashdice and medals for now , you can read about it in my old post  pointed above

Task Button

Now you can claim your affiliate rewards through the task button fast and easy.



also the task button is not just for the affiliate program you will see many task you can finish to claim daily bonuses 






Also there is a new bonus in the site , Exchange. What is Exchange in nanogames?, this mean  now our cubs is not just a fun coin, now you can change you cubs to another currency through  a Spin for just 5000 cubs every spin you can win BTC/BANANO/DOGE/ETH even you have the chance of win the BIG PRIZE OF 2500 NANOS  

if is your first time login in nanogames you will get a free spin 



Join in Nanogames Now

Reddit (under the nanocurrency)
BitcoinTalk (Signature Campaign)


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Noodles CryptoNoticias

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