Nanogames Playing with friends
Nanogames Playing with friends

By Noodles | Noodles CryptoNoticias | 3 Apr 2019

My experience Playing in nanogames with my friends

The start:

Im in the new site of nanogames since the beta start , but i really dont play it too much because i was doing another stuffs
Like 1 month ago a friend  Invite me to play blackjack with him  his username is (R4NDOM)  blackjack has 3 seats then 
we invite another friend   wich his username is  (Zaker2k)  we start betting a few nanos  , not too much really 
Sometimes with proffits another ones with lose but always was fun playing with them.


While playing blackjack we start doing voice chat in discord  planning our strategies together and sharing our

experiences in the game  We find the blackjack very funny , to the point of playing it almost daily, even alone

But always in the nigth we still playing together  and trying to beat the dealer and get some proffits everyday.



Sometimes we also play in the crash game , using manual  payout or martingale script , talking about many vesions

of the script  that way we can make some profits but at the same time not losing too much money and having fun

while the line is going up and you dont know where it will stop  , you will not know if you lose or win.190903265-373bc943f57b29b107391ac5d74179817fc2fd95e425264f25a142a59a7f84d0.png


There is the Hashdice and Nondice , But im not gonna talk about those this time


The Bonus:


I think the most interesting part of nanogames is the bonus , the system of level  and gaining exp while you bet makes the site 


more dynamic , so what is my point , the point is you are playing 2 games at the same time , example
you can see the medals , nanogames hace at least 20 medals you can win while you are betting even if you are chatting
Like Talking Talking , Protagonist , loyal player. and many other you can obtain , and claim some prizes when you get the requiered amount of medals


Level system

since im playing i reach level 2  , my friend R4ND0M is level 3 and Zaker2k level 1 

There are a total of 10 levels you can reach , The more levels you get, you will get more benefits over time, either by rain,

Tips, The famous hit the panda and more




In summary:

Nanogames may seem like another simple betting page But when you play with your friends or even without them

you can have fun and have a good time You will always find new friends in the chat.

Thanks for reading and have a happy day


Nanogames Links:

Discord / Facebook

Twitter/ Website


Noodles CryptoNoticias
Noodles CryptoNoticias

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