N.Y. Governor Issues New "No Speech" Order.

By Andy Savage | nonono | 26 Mar 2021

The governor of New York today issued a "No-talk" order, effective state-wide from Saturday. In an emergency press conference he said "there are thousands of hate speech incidents per day in New York, and this no-talk order will remain in place until we get that figure down to zero."

demon image

The governor of New York publishing his new executive order.

Talking will be forbidden for everyone, everywhere, except for talking deemed essential by the governor. Anyone caught talking will face fines up to $20,000 or 6 months in prison.

Google and Apple rushed to congratulate the governor in this "compassionate order" and vowed to quickly produce an app to monitor everyone for non-essential speech. An apple rep said "we are already monitoring what everyone says, we just need a couple of hours to make an app so that people don't realise it's already happening."

Once there are no more hate speech incidents, people may be able to talk again under very restricted circumstances, but officials have said that it is unlikely that things will ever go back to what was considered "normal" before. 

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Andy Savage
Andy Savage

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