Yo yo yo guys!

Promo campaign is done and we're so happy about how it went.

It has been our first official event and many new users joined us, we saw you guys assaulting our airdrops day by day, claiming the 400 stickers in a couple of minutes.

We truly want to thank you, but not just with words. We're men of honour after all.

So, speaking about rewards:

We created a blend system on nefty:

Through it you can claim your eleventh sticker. 


The Campaign Hero sticker.


Isn't it awesome?

Great, see you on our next campaign!


Hahaha, I'm so funny.


I was joking obviously, well, the eleventh sticker part was true.

Consider it a small present from us that will remind you about our first campaign.


The true reward though will be a 1.1 GR of the last NFD we released.


So guys get ready to receive your MALANA CREAM NFD, we will check all the wallets with the Hero sticker and we will gradually reward you.


We hope you enjoyed the campaign and the rewards as well.


Ah, small note: the Sticker #11 is not transferable, we hope to discover many bots thanks to this and ban them from the server...




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