Want a Job in Blockchain or Crypto? Upgrade Your Resume First.
Update yo resume.

Want a Job in Blockchain or Crypto? Upgrade Your Resume First.

By walkonwayvs | Non-Crypto Reviews | 21 May 2020




With unemployment at record lows there will be hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people looking for ways they can work at home. If you thought the labour market was competitive before, think again. Technology is increasing so fast that a new iPhone was announced, released and then finally substituted for a newer iPhone since the time you started reading this article.

So with all these new innovations in technology you have to ask yourself: how is your resume looking? If bold titles and underlined sections of text are the thing that makes your resume unique, then you need to get with the fucking times.

As someone who has hired people in the past let me tell you one thing about your resume. It takes a one second glance to tell whether or not a resume is worth looking at. Some jobs can get dozens if not hundreds of applications, so do you really think the person hiring for the position will take the time to read through each and every resume? Abso-fucking-lutely not. Ain't nobody got time for that.

I don't give a shit about how centered your text is or how beautiful your Harvard MBA credentials look - ain't nobody going to read that shit unless you give them a reason to go beyond just a quick glance. Time is money, and boring is a waste of both.




The Pursuit.

Not everybody is skilled at everything, which is fantastic. So if the content of your resume is amazing but you can't get a hiring manager to actually read that content then I am sorry to say but you need some help. Because at the end of the day your resume has to appeal to an individual with a certain personality. And this person often spends part their lunch/coffee breaks mindlessly scrolling instagram or facebook looking for something that gives them a little bit more of a dopamine spike than the last thing that made them slow down their scroll and pay attention.

Is your resume the same? Odds are it is. If looking for a job is a difficult task, and it absolutely is, it can be broken down into the following two categories: marketing and sales. Fucking everything comes down to these two thing. Your resume is the marketing, and the interview is the sale. Simple as that. I am my rifle, and without marketing, sales is useless; and without sales, marketing is useless.

Johnnu Harriss | CV & Resume by Vunira

So now we arrive at the meat and potatoes of the article. Just look at how fucking dope these resumes look. Granted, for pretty much every single one of them you're going to need some high quality photos of yourself, but you can always swap these out for images related to the actual position itself such as the classic techy blockchain style photo.

The marketing managing team that you need for your resume is Envato Elements. This is literally the closest thing you can get to a plug and play resume upgrading platform. You don't have to make any crazy designs, learn how to use photoshop (even though they have free resources for that kind of stuff), and more importantly you don't have to worry about all the time that you spent making your resume in the first place.

With Envato Elements all you have to do is search a category, scroll through different templates, find one that you like, license it, download it, and insert the information from your own resume into the template. Done. Scroll down for some screenshots and a little more detail about the process.

Jhensen CV Resume by karkunstudio on Envato Elements


Commercial Licensing Rights


Resume Vol.9 by jiwstudio on Envato Elements

Alright cool wayvs that sounds great and all, but wtf is this "license it" nonsense? Enter stage left; the fine print.

As a paid subscriber you are granted a license to use any of the Envato Elements products that you choose to download. There is only one type of license on the platform in which you get "broad commercial rights." This means you can use the same item/template multiple times but you need to register each use of the item as separate. 

"The license starts when you Register your use of the item and the license is only valid if you complete the End Product while your subscription is active. Then the license continues for the life of the End Product (even if your subscription ends)."

Further details can be found on the License Terms page of their website.




Envato Elements | Resume Search in Graphic Templates

The process to access all that Envato Elements has to offer could not be easier. Go to this link. Sign up for an account. Browse through their list of over 2.4 million items. Select something that you want. Check what type of software you will need to edit the item (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, etc). Download the item. License it. Open it up. Put your own information into the pre-formatted sections. Save that shit. And then spread that shit.

It's really that easy.

And if that wasn't great enough? Envato Elements has many many more options than just resume templates to play around with. They have presentation templates, web templates, WordPress plugins, stock videos and photos (not stonk videos and photos, unfortunately), CMS templates, and graphic templates. Basically fucking everything.

I see you publish0x...





Oh shit here we go. Surprisingly enough, some things on the internet aren't always free. I know, it's fucking barbaric and surely the business model of making people pay for your online services won't last.

The above is a screenshot of the Envato Elements Pricing page. What you can't see from that image is the fact that Students get subscriptions at 30% off and they also have Enterprise packages available as well for the ballers.

And if you're like me? Well they have a free account. Praise da shine. With the free account you get 12 free files every month. Unfortunately, you don't get to choose what files these are. This is why I quickly jumped on the subscription for $17 USD per month.

When it comes to price I am sure that you can agree with me dear reader when I say that if you landed your dream job after a few months of using the Envato Elements templates, it would probably be worth the $17/month. For the minimum wage in the US (according to my 3 seconds of research) this total would take about two hours to make. So you could spend two hours worth of money to land a better job, or you could just use the free version as well.




Dynamic CV Resume by karkunstudio on Envato Elements

If you're still reading this article then you most likely have some interest in upgrading your resume to the next level. The job search is never easy, and it will only continue to get more and more competitive as the supply and demand of the job market increases. So why not put yourself in the best position possible?

The resume templates available at Envato Elements are incredibly easy to customize, they are beyond eye-catching, and they will allow you to present your relevant experience and information in a very professional way that will set you apart from the competition.

And that isn't even taking into consideration all of the other items that Envato Elements has to offer.

So if you're serious about stacking as many sats as you can before the next parabolic crypto bull market, and if you think a job will help you achieve those financial goals, then the best way to start is by upgrading your resume.




Envato Elements Referral

*Full Disclosure: This article includes affiliate links to Envato Elements. It will not cost you anything to sign up with this link, but I will take a small benefit for being credited as the person who introduced you to the platform. Obviously not necessary but I would greatly appreciate it.*

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