How to be successful? A few tips.

By Greenghopper | nomoredoubts | 7 Dec 2020

Does life have a purpose other than eating, sleeping, gossiping, reading, writing, watching TV, socializing, and wasting time?

Of course, life has a purpose but it does not mean that you and I have to concentrate only on that purpose and ignore living nor should we ignore our aims and live only for fun.

The secret to living a balanced life is to manage everything smoothly and yet feel that you have had both works completed and had fun too. 

When you are devoted to what you do, then you will not feel like you are doing work which could be tedious and strainful. 

Adopt a timetable where you can manage to squeeze in time for your work and fun and also get to spend some time with yourself. 

It is not too hard to get all the tasks done once you are familiar with it and also you can advance to achieving your aims more easily than with an unplanned mode of work. 



So, here is what you do:

  • make a timetable
  • make sure to list out your aims and steps to achieve it
  • include time for fun and 'me-time' 
  • make sure to include time to eat as this is important to keep up the energy levels
  • space out all the above in such a way that you do not work continuously
  • spare some time to talk or chat with close family or friends once in a while
  • make sure you go for a walk twice a week at least 

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