NOIA debuts incredibly efficient and stable network ahead of final launch with over 150 providers in over 500 locations…already!

By Dzoelx | SYNTROPY | 6 Nov 2020

Couple of weeks ago, NOIA team released its roadmap of events spanning through a six months period and leading up to the official release of the NOIA network—the network which programs the internet!


One of the biggest events of this six months roadmap is the pre-launch of the NOIA network.

Prior to the official launch of the network, the team will deploy a test network, the pre-launch network is a network spanning a few hundred different locations, running on dozens of different cloud provider networks globally. This will enable the team test different parameters related to the network. Data obtained from the test enable the team develop a more efficient main network.

Just as promised and way ahead of the schedule, NOIA network has announced the pre-launch of its much anticipated network!


Dedication pays off and this is one of the numerous examples! The NOIA team has invested vast resources, dedication and energy into the development of every component that powers the NOIA project. Releasing the preliminary version of its network in an intriguing fashion is a plausible feat.

The NOIA network pre-launches with over 150 network providers on board already, providing internet services in over 500 locations! The pre-launched network has shown an amazing efficiency and stability as the team continue to supervise certain parameters in preparation for the main launch of its network.

The pre-launched platform exhibits most features of the main network. NOIA’s Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP) has also been implemented as a core part of the pre-launched network. The DARP is an algorithm which monitors the internet and provides real-time data on millions, and eventually billions of pathways along the internet.

Implementing the DARP into the pre-launch network ensures that every component of the main network is tested before launch. The main network will undergo continuous and rigorous testing before the final public release which will enable general participation in the NOIA network and the commencement of the NOIA node program.

Announcing this awesome development, NOIA’s CTO Jonas Simanavicius affirmed the stability of this platform and the involvement of prestigious cloud service providers and NOIA’s partners to ensure that the pre-launched network works well for its purpose and gives quality information on how the main network can be enhanced to work even better.

The infrastructure backbone that will power NOIA Network is now up and running. We worked tirelessly to include all potential nodes from every cloud provider in the world, including AWS, Azure, Oracle, IBM, Google, and many more.


Via the pre-launched network, NOIA gains the ability to monitor and analyze the performance of public internet and route internet traffic through every possible path between the global cloud network. With thousands of nodes running on the network and over a hundred competent internet service providers, the pre-launched network is poised to offer clear and resourceful insights to the NOIA team and facilitate the development of the main network.

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