Microsoft4startups has granted NOIA 100k+ in credit to use with Microsoft Azure

By Ethanmathew | NOIA NETWORK Fan Blog | 14 May 2020


NOIA has first joined the Microsoft for Startups program one year ago. This milestone is significant because, after one year, it’s up to Microsoft to decide whether to extend the participation or not. 

And now developers are thrilled when the news broke. Not only has Microsoft extended our participation, but their team granted us an additional $100,000 in Azure credits.

The program is designed to help startups grow by utilizing Microsoft’s resources. NOIA Network is a testament to that. Their developers have been actively using Azure to develop and test the Noia SDN. Free access to one of the largest cloud computing services in the world has taken the weight off their shoulders, allowing them to focus on development and development only.

This is a big opportunity for NOIA to strengthening their relationship with Microsoft in the year ahead.

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