DARP Protocol by William B. Norton (Dr.Peering)

By Ethanmathew | NOIA NETWORK Fan Blog | 14 Jul 2020

​​​​​​​​​NOIA Network has created a decentralized network that uses the Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP) that measures the One-Way Latency (OWL) between a full-mesh of network-attached devices. Enabling a whole new level of network-path optimization and encryption.

This is the latest endeavor of William B.Norton Co-Founder and Chief Technical Liaison for NOIA Network. Most know him as Co-Founder and Chief Technical Liaison Equinix, or as DrPeering - author of "The Internet Peering Playbook: Connecting to the Core of the Internet." Some may remember him as the first chairman of NANOG (1995-1998). 

Recently Bill Norton released his much-anticipated article on DARP, thoroughly explaining how it works, its use cases, and why it is a logical next step for the Internet as a whole.

A Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP) measures the One-Way Latency (OWL) between a full-mesh of network-attached devices. This endows every node with the ability to determine if it is faster to send its traffic directly to a destination, or through an intermediary node that has a measured better network path to the destination.3a56eca8ba0a088a26191a71adfd519056e9234692b43f93afa49a1cbae6500c.png

The DARP protocol provides data feeds for a few initial distributed application use cases. Such as 
  • Network Visibility
  • SRv6 Network
  • AI/Machine Learning applied to big data
  • Utopia - A Privacy-by-Default Internet
  • IoT Exchange Point


These are going to be the most common use-cases of applications in near future.

If you want to read details of this amazing technology…the link is below:


And if you want to know more about NOIA Network visit their website:





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