Earn money with a video game : Crypto Idle Miner is the solution !

By Nogelyax2 | Nogelyax2 | 5 Apr 2020

The game i'm talking about is Crypto Idle Miner from Hora Games. So the game works like other passive games, in which you have to upgrade certain elements, in order to provide a multiplier at a monetary value.

Two forms of crypto currencies :

Simulation cryptocurrency:
This crypto is extracted as part of the inactive game. So this currency is not real and has no value.

Hora tokens (Real cryptocurrency):
These are awarded at the end of the season to the best players. Crypto Idle Miner home screen. Earn real cryptocurrency while playing!


Earn Hora :

Earn HORA tokens by participating in in-game leagues. However, individuals are separated into different leagues and the tokens are distributed at the end of each season. Each season lasts 7 days (ending every Monday).

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