10 million people will have access to bitcoins

By Nogelyax2 | Nogelyax2 | 5 Apr 2020

10 million people will have access to bitcoins

Revolut made the decision to open the crypto trading function to its customers earlier than expected by promoting adoption and ensuring another source of income during this global economic, financial and economic crisis caused by the virus.
It claims that it employs 2,000 people, that it has more than 10 million customers who are more oriented towards Europe.

5 crypto-active

With Revolut you can trade with at least crypto-active for the moment: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherum, Litecoin and finally XRP. You can use the crypto you want to buy cryptos.


However, the company does not want its users to transfer cryptocurrencies outside the Revolut platform, for example to an external wallet.

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