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By Noft Games | Noft Games | 21 Mar 2022

At the moment, NFT collections are a new Digital gold mine. Many projects appear and earn millions, while others go into oblivion immediately after release. Why does this happen? 

It's partly about marketing, the quality of the collections themselves, as well as the desire of users to get distinctive elements for their social status. NFT is not only a whim of the rich but also an opportunity for less affluent adventurers to increase their capital. We are going to talk about the most famous collections that have captured the hearts of many art lovers.


Сryptopunks is probably the most popular and one of the most remarkable NFT collections. They have become a true legend in the NFT market. The Larva Labs developed the project in 2017, but it did not immediately gain frenzied popularity. Initially, tokens from this collection were distributed for free, except for anyone who wanted to pay the appropriate transaction fee on the Ethereum network.

With the growing popularity of NFT, the cost of cryptopunks also grew. Now the price of the most expensive image is $11.75 million, and the total trading volume exceeds $2 billion! 

The collection consists of 10,000 8-bit images. All cryptopunks have characteristics that are repeated more less or often, and accordingly, the rarer the attribute, the more expensive the lot. The pictures were created based on generative art—a unique character was generated from a variety of attributes, among which it is possible to find people, monkeys, aliens, and even zombies. 


Bored Ape Yacht Club

The collection was created by 4 anonymous developers and consists of 10,000 monkeys with unique characteristics, clothing, hats, and facial expressions.

The social component also plays a role. The collection provides several privileges to token holders, including:

  • access to an exclusive server in Discord;
  • access to The Bathroom, a virtual whiteboard where every owner can draw;
  • ownership and commercial use rights;
  • participation in private online and offline events;
  • exclusive access to other NFT collections of the company and free airdrop of their tokens. 


NBA TopShot

The collection consists of packs with cards issued in circulation. Each card is a video clip from 3 different angles with a bright moment or a successful movement of an NBA player. Similar to other NFT projects, there will never be a repeat of the series and cards. Depending on the circulation, all NFTs can be divided into 3 types:

Common—cheap cards that can not be limited.

Rare—these cards are limited and are issued in circulation from 499 to 4,999.

Legendary—the most expensive cards with a circulation from 25 to 499.

You can also resell videos separately on the marketplace. The smaller the circulation, the more expensive the token is. The price is also affected by the serial number. The more beautiful it is, the higher the price. 



Fidenza is a generative algorithm for creating unique drawings. At the heart of all the images of the project are elegant curves. Each of them retains one condition—they should not intersect. The flow field itself is unique. It can be changed so that the lines have moderate or extreme turbulence or even sharp angles.

The number of objects in the collection is 999, and the total market capitalization is about 163,336 ETH.

We have mentioned only 4 of the top collections. Certainly, their number continues to grow, and even more fascinating offers are waiting for us in 2022.

Also, currently, Noft Games is currently working on NFT Collection. The project is currently at the production stage. The battle is now actively held as well as sales, functional and universe development. The world of Noft Games is exciting and breathtaking. It deserves your attention in Discord and Twitter. We advise you not to wait, but to start playing now!

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