Sandbox could be the BITCOIN of metaverse? Find out here!

By Javier Suarez | Nodes Power | 28 Feb 2022

I believe this is the number 1 coin you have to add this month to your portfolio. But, why is this so huge? First, we have to understand that this is a game where creators can monetize voxel ASSETS and gaming experiences in the blockchain.


The game comes in seasons

Like every game, it comes in seasons. That´s why when things were popping up for Sandbox, was because the game was being played. Let me show you the highest price market of Sandbox a few months ago.


$8.4022 - Highest Price


Get ready por Alpha Season 2!

To the moon! With second season coming out on March 3, 2022, it´s an excellent opportunity for us to buy Sandbox at a much lower price than November 2021 and have some huge and quick revenues.

I really think this has the potential even in a bear market!


What´s in this season?

  1. All content will open to everyone.
  2. Anyone may win a Season 2 Alpha Pass just by playing the game.
  3. Complete as many Quests as you can!
  4. New Experiences.
  5. You have the next options to create your account:


Get ready to PLAY to EARN!



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