These coins might see a good PUMP.

These coins might see a good PUMP.

By noBeans | noBeans - Crypto | 17 Jun 2020

Below are some coins that i believe will see a good PUMP in few days.



BEAM has a hard fork coming and a fork is one of the most important event and right now in this altcoin season this event is sure to have some effect on BEAM. I will not wait much for this coin though and will sell it once i see some profits. BEAM has its forking on 29th June.



Nuls has a few events upcoming which has me very excited about this coin. I am absolutely planning to accumulate this coin during dips and sell somewhere around when the event ends. 

  • Nuls listing on Bitmart on 18th June.
  • Nuls based ecosystem launch on or before 30th June.
  • Also this. NVT airdrop. For every 10 Nuls you hold you will be given 1 NVT.
  • Nuls is looking ready to show some gains.



Hope you accumulated some ADA during the recent dips because this one has a very good probability of rocketing even though it has already seen 50% + gains recently. July 29th is when the mainnet launches and staking will be available. Expect good gains during this time. ADA has also already recovered its dip. 


This is just my perspective and not an advice to anyone. Do your own research and invest if you feel the same. Also know that right now are in a bear market and any sudden spikes in Bitcoin can send all the altcoins crashing down.

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