By Cappex | NIMIQ | 22 May 2021

Hi guys, after a few months I am writing a new article on Nimiq, for those unfamiliar with the project I invite you to watch this really useful video to explain why I am so enthusiastic about this project:

I believe that the simplicity and accessibility of cryptocurrency custody and purchase services will be the key to greater adoption. 


OASIS technology is truly revolutionary, Nimiq was the first to introduce atomic exchanges between Fiat currencies and Cryptocurrencies thanks to the collaboration of the German bank Ten31Bank.
On February 18, 2021, after many weeks of testing and optimization, Team Nimiq unveiled the first public beta of Nimiq OASIS to the world, which has since been successfully used live. During the first quarter of 2021 it processed 1,650 successful swaps with over $ 260,000 in volume. The service is currently in beta testing and the team plans to release OASIS with crypto sale enabled and will plan OASIS Pro with KYC to enable higher monthly limits.

More info can be found here and this infographic explains how this innovative technology works.


One of the most anticipated events is certainly the release of the new Albatross algorithm, this will introduce the new consensus method that replaces the proof of work technology by improving scalability and reducing the environmental impact thanks to the proof of stake:

A demonstration and explanation of the new algorithm is available here and with the introduction of this new consensus method it will be possible to stake $NIM coins directly from the browser wallet, a calculator is available here.

On May 16, the team announced on twitter that the first validator has been tested and the final release process is approaching.

I invite you to follow the main social platforms of the Nimiq team to not miss the latest news and the interesting Vlog on updates and behind the scenes.



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