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One of my best choices on crypto Hellenic coin + giveaway.

By nikoleondas | nikoleondas | 19 Jul 2020

Hello to everyone,
Today I want to share with you a coin that I have been holding for three years.

As I said my journey in cryptos started 3 years ago, in the first days I was studying and looking for new promising coins.
Until a day, as a Greek citizen, I thought: Is there a Greek cryptocurrency?
The answer was YES!

I found the first Greek cryptocurrency, Hellenic coin (HNC), that exists since 2015.


I read the white paper and was impressed.
At that time, it was trading on one of the first exchanges I had registered with, the livecoin.net, so I bought some, today has delisted from it.
Since then its course has had some ups and downs.
But I never thought of selling it because I really believed and believe in this project.
After a fork in the coin a new CEO undertook to form a strong team that works hard in background of the coin.



Now let's look at the currency in more details.

First of all, Hellenic coin is a coin not a token.
You can visit its site:https://www.helleniccoin.com/

What is the Hellenic coin?
Hellenic Coin is a private blockchain, which is meant to be the most trusted digital currency for buying goods and services worldwide.



Thus, its main use is expected to be in the transactions of tourists in Greece. The first hotels have started accepting Hellenic coin and are expected to install Hellenic coin and cryptocurrency exchange ATMs in the most popular tourist destinations. Read the roadmap to see the targets of the project.



Hellenic coin currently runs on 288 position in coinmarketcap with 19.6K$ marketcap at price 0.28$.


As you can see in the chart the **Hellenic coin** has a big pump from January 2020 when undertook the new CEO.



It is currently trading in 5 exchanges.

Social Media

News channel



The team from the last Thursday and every Thursday has started a webinar to update the stakeholders about the project of Hellenic coin. (for now it's on Greek language but on the next webinars maybe in English)


In this webinar the Hellenic coin team announced a giveaway.
A lucky will win 100 HNC after a drawing in the next webinar on Thursday 23 July 2020.
To participate you should visit the [Hellenic coin page on facebook and follow the steps that are needed.

Denial of responsibility: This is my personal research and no an investment advice.

Thank you!

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