It's time to learn about DeFi obtaining free CoinGecko's ebook "How to DeFi".

It's time to learn about DeFi obtaining free CoinGecko's ebook "How to DeFi".

By nikoleondas | nikoleondas | 21 Sep 2020

Hello guys, the last month I have been picking up the free CoinGecko's candies almost every day. The last few days I was thinking of redeeming some of them to get "How to DeFi" ebook but I was not sure if I will find time to read it (so the candies may be lost), so I decided to keep picking the candies to redeem them out for a better redemption in future.

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But about two weeks ago I had completed a coingecko's survey about Yield Pharming (you can see the results [here]( so a few days ago I received an email that gives me a voucher as a thank you gesture, the coupon includes $5 discount on all merchandise at our CoinGecko store and free "How to DeFi" ebook!
So I said that it's time to get it and having it in my hands I might find the time to study it.


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If you want to redeem something from CoinGecko's store here you can find a helping post by @katerinaramm.

Now I have to find time to read about the DeFi to get to know this Decentralized Finance world better.

Thank you!

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