Introducing the Nifty Pride Foundation

Introducing the Nifty Pride Foundation

By brucethegoose.eth | Nifty Pride | 6 Aug 2020


The Nifty Pride Foundation is a new name in the NFT world, but has very rapidly gained a large amount interest and community-support. At it’s inception, Nifty Pride was planned to simply be a Pride parade held in the blockchain-powered VR world of Cryptovoxels. During the planning and organization of the event, we received encouragement and gratitude from an overwhelming number of people native to the NFT metaverse, leading to what may have been the most anticipated, and most talked about event to hit Cryptovoxels so far. Close to a dozen artists (some being very prominent names in the space) creating exclusive work to auction at the event, and all of them pledged a portion of its sale to the Nifty Pride initiative; based on the generous donations received from the auction, as well as the incredibly warm reception we received, (nearly 50 people signed the guest book, and likely several more showing up for portions of the live stream without searching for the registry) we decided to do something far more than just annual VR pride parades.


We’re fostering a community based on love, acceptance, and creativity; in which we will support, promote, and encourage community building, creativity, and freedom of individualism and expression. With the funds we raised from the auction at our debut event, as well as some incredible art donations that we leveraged as barter, we were able to purchase a parcel in Cryptovoxels where we’ve built the first (of hopefully many to come) Nifty Pride Centre for the Arts. This space will be used to showcase talented LGBTQ+ creators in the NFT ecosystem to help them sell their work or gain an audience; completely free of charge.


We believe that as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFT’s push closer and closer to mainstream adoption, that it’s important to have a safe space available to anyone, with a welcoming community to offer support, advice, or just a listening ear. While our primary vision is supporting and encouraging individuals who identify as LGBTQ+, we welcome everyone who wants to join our community; so long as they’re looking to make a contribution as opposed to simply having another place to promote themselves.


We have a number of ideas for community rewards, events, and initiatives being discussed currently and look forward to the growth and expansion of Nifty Pride; which has already become something more than any of us could have predicted. In our very short time as a team, we’ve accomplished an impressive number of things, and we keep moving forward every day.

Initiatives we’ve already implemented or launched include:
- A collaboration with Drakons IO, leading to a very special limited edition drakon for their NFT-based game.
- We’ve been published in CryptoArt News by Clyde F. Smith , MagNFT , and have an interview planned with Serena Tabacchi of theMuseum of Contemporary Digital Art , and are even on the front page of GrowYourBase (use this link to find our campaign)

- We launched our own NFT creation contract via Mintbase to make it simple for anyone in our community to tokenize their creations without needing to fund their own smart-contract deployment. The most recently tokenized work is shown below, and can be bought here; with 35% of the sale price pledged as a donation to our continued efforts to acquire land in the Metaverse and offer incentives, events, and giveaways to the community.

We have a number of other collaborations in the works; many of which will be publicly announced at the weekly cryptovoxels meetup “The WIP”; and even more things planned for the future; such as a community fund to grant creators affordable access to a suite of creative tools (as opposed to everyone paying their own monthly subscription for several things), a community outreach program to bring more people into the NFT space and teach them the value of the technology and how to easily tokenize and monetize their work, and a range of different events, challenges, etc. that we’re very excited to share with you as soon as possible!


For more info, or to keep up to date with what we’re planning/doing you can find us at the following links:

Discord | Twitter Reddit | Rarible 2key Email

If you’d like to support our vision; donations are immensely appreciated!
ETH: niftypride.eth | FIAT:

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I'm a Cryptoartist, indie musician, writer and web3 enthusiast. I spend hours every day finding the hidden gems of the NFT and web3 ecosystems, and I'm proud to be bringing that information to a relevant audience.

Nifty Pride
Nifty Pride

Nifty Pride is a community-driven initiative to celebrate, promote, and reward LGBTQ+ creators, allies, and supporters in the NFT Metaverse; as well as having a strong focus on creating events, contests, and community-engagement that are welcoming and supportive of everyone. Join our discord or check out or social media: |

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