Vampire Hunter Dr. Abraham Van Helsing was Real.

By Nifty Buckles | Nifty Buckles | 10 Jul 2020

Good day folks! 

Did you know that Vampires real or not have been documented since Ancient times?

If you are interested in Vampire legends, maybe you're a Van Helsing descendant.

According to author Jeff C. Carter  who wrote an article interviewing Dr. Ed Erdelac,  who discovered the "Van Helsing papers," these papers reveal Van Helsing isn't just a Bram Stoker fictional character, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing was a real Dutch Paranormal investigator.

Quote by author Jeff C.Carter,"The author Ed Erdelac found surprising clues about the real life doctor and used them to create a sequel to Dracula, with his new novel, TEROVOLAS."

Terovolas presents the personal papers of Professor Abraham Van Helsing, collected and presented for the first time by his defender and colleague, Dr. John Seward.

Read Jeff C. Carter's article here


Check out this interesting site called Vampires with a vampire timeline starting with Vikram the vampire 730 C.E. written from the Baital Pachisi.

Link below

Conclusion: After reading about Edward M.Erdelac's discovery, evidence is weighing on the fact that Abraham Van Helsing was the Real Deal Vampire hunter.

I am looking forward to reading Erdelac's new book TEROVOLAS.

You can buy it at Amazon, link below or from your favorite book store.


Wallpaper of actor Hugh Jackman of Van Helsing 2004 film in public domain.

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