Get your crypto earning from your smartphone

Get your crypto earning from your smartphone

By Thatguyheis | Nicks Freebies | 19 Nov 2020

We all love crypto and are glad to see the record heights for many crypto currencies like bitcoin. As I’m writing this bitcoin is at $ 18,000!!

The mines you get vary, so mine daily

I am writing this to spread the news of a way you can create crypto from the comfort of your home and smartphone. No need for investments in GPU and hardware to start earning your share of the crypto world. I wrote this because I regret the time I’ve spent without earning XYO especially while the rate of earning was higher. Much like missing out in BTC in the early days I draw to your understanding of crypto, to consider the missed opportunities. This simple Coin app goes off the premise that companies like Facebook and Google monetize your smart phone WiFi, Bluetooth and location data. The adds the content and experience is driven by these companies to profit themselves and their stock holders.

now you have the chance to get into the crypto world by downloading this app and choosing to participate in the XY Oracle network. By participating your data is anonymous but you regain authority of your earnings and data usage.


when you get started you will find that earning increase as you move, that is the key premise to Coin app and XYO. This crypto currency is designed to be location based. You will earn an income for using the app in the background with auto-mine, but I suggest to enable screen saver and let it run in the front for highest earnings when not using the phone. In a way your device, has become a worker for you, in addition to its normal tasks, prepare to stuff your ERC20 compatible wallet.


Just the other day companies like Walmart, Safeway and Walgreens have started paying Coin app users to view localized adds. Get a larger benefit if you decide to enter the store and participate with more augmented reality like situations. 

One survey for 5 minutes

Want more ways to earn? You can get rewarded for witnessing other large mines. Tap your current tile, and play a small game and mine again quicker! There is even a way to earn view surveys now! Once you’ve started collecting coin in app you’ll notice a daily HODl reward! Grow your stash by verifying your ERC20 wallet to earn HOdL on your XYO.

These are just a few of the ways to start earning with Coin app and XYO.


My earnings, just getting started!


Use the link here to start with 1000 coin!


Only need 10,000 coin for withdrawal as XYO ERC20. Which is around 5$ depending on exchange rates!


I hope this helps, let’s explore the world together!

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