Three crypto currencies with a brighter future

By Mabla | nick07 | 19 Jun 2020

A billionaire by the name Warren Buffet once said “never put all your eggs in one basket”, you will need to diversify your trading portfolio. Crypto market has so many different highly profitable crypto currencies you can invest on, you just have to make sure you know what drive their price up and their strength and weaknesses.

We are checking out the following factors which distinguishes these three crypto currencies from others:

  • Volatility
  • Capitalization and ranking
  • Current prize


Volatility is a double edged sword as it can make you rich or make you poor, so you need to consider the level of volatility of a coin before you invest in so that you won’t be caught by surprise when the market go berserk. You can capitalize on the volatility levels of a coin or you can chose to stay away from it.

Capitalization and ranking

Crypto currencies are ranked on the coin market capitalization market and the closer they are to the top makes it a promising and worth taking a look into because it’s ranking is determined by the capitalization of a coin and its liquidity levels.

Current prize

The current prize of a crypto currency is very essential as the markets need you to know the price action so that you won’t buy over valued or oversold coins. Crypto currencies which are rebounding after hitting their lows are very good to invest in because the prize always goes back where it came from, that’s the nature of supply and demand.


Maker (MKR). It is a platform which support smart contracts and it also guarantees the stability of stable coins. Its ranked number 24 with a market capitalization of $520 million and current supply of just 1 million Makers. It has an all-time high of $1.700 and currently trading at $523. Its supply can guarantee higher demand therefore a possible prize booster.

Augur (REP). This crypto currency is more of a survey token as is it used to gather information on possible outcomes and it has risen from its low of $0.78 per coin to an all-time high of $99. The time it took to rise to that level can tell it moves steadily and safer. It is ranked at number 46 with a total capitalization of $177 million and a low supply of 11 million coins.

Zcash (ZEC). This coin is good for maintaining anonymity by protecting THE BALANCEs of its users. People need privacy to avoid cases of accounts being hacked and for this people believe so much in this coin and it is well adopted. This pushed it price to an all-time high of $5900 PER COIN. It capitalization is about $490 million and is currently being traded at $52. Imagine if you spend $1000 and buy 19 ZEC AND IF the price rise back to its all-time high and of $5900 the you will make a profit of $5848 per coin and all in all you would have made have made $111,112 profit.


It’s never too late to go for these 3 coins, they can bring you good returns and you can be super rich if you are brave enough to invest a reasonable amount. Remember fortune favors the brave.

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