How to make money when the market goes down

How to make money when the market goes down

By Mabla | nick07 | 7 Jun 2020

There is a saying which say what goes up must come down. That’s exactly what happens in the crypto market, stock market and forex markets, the prices of assets might go up tremendously but they will not continue going up forever, they will reach a certain point were there will fall and that the right time to pick up your amour and get ready.

Market mover in different form, they create higher highs and higher lows then lower highs and lower lows then side way so you need to study how it moves first before you execute your trades. It not going to be easy though but trust me it’s worth it.


Riding the trend on its way up

When it hit the ground it will be time for it to go back to the supplying zone so orders has to be accumulated first before it goes up. That is creating demand and automatically pushing the price up.

So just wait for the price to break the previous lower high and then place your buy order. That is the signal showing the rising in price, in these markets what matters most is the price not the indicators. If you buy at lower levels you will be buying value and then wait for the price to rise above then sell at premium that’s how you make money in these markets.

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