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By Pham Long Nhat | Nhat Protar MMO | 3 May 2020

What is VNDC?

VNDC is a type of stablecoin developed by the VNDC Alliance with the Danang Blockchain Association and is a cryptocurrency developed exclusively for the Vietnamese Trader community. VNDC is built and developed on the basis of ERC-20 standard Ethereum blockchain technology and Bep-2 Binance chain3691c4d1d473048554b758b4f4d506c86d605c14b26dcfe46b4691d9c8ed7c18.png

Features of VNDC?

VNDC is stable: VNDC always has the same value as VND (1 VNDC = 1 VND) Unlimited integration: Convert VNDC to VND at VNDC.IO at anytime with constant exchange rates and extremely low costs. Transparency and safety: All transaction values ​​are published daily. Always ensure liquidity through VNDC.IO conversion port. Application of Blockchain Technology: All VNDC transactions are recorded and stored on the blockchain platform. Blockchain technology helps ensure security according to international standards and conventions.



SAVINGS WITHOUT 12% INTEREST RATE Staking Daily feature - receive interest overnight, allowing users to save demand deposits with an interest rate of 12% / year on VNDC accounts. With just one smartphone, no matter where you sit, you can make investments and save easily. Customer benefits: 🎖 Attractive interest rate up to 12% per year. 🎖No term. Ãi Interest is paid at 23:59 every day. UyChange VNDC via VND to your personal account, more than 20 banks. NhanhQuick transaction time. Í Charge / withdrawal fee is 0 dong. Daily Staking - getting overnight interest will be automatically enabled when the user has a minimum balance of VND 10,000 in the account. Sign up now to not miss investment opportunities.

You want to make money without charge  From 10k after making tk You will be able to make money up to several hundred thousand a day 

B1: Click on the link https://signup.vndc.io/6277729708945053598

B2: download the vndc application

B3: go to section 3 on the left to verify  account then follow the instructions in the app

B4: Wait for the money back

The amount of money will increase if you share it widely with everyone.

good luck!!!

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Pham Long Nhat
Pham Long Nhat

Nhat Protar

Nhat Protar MMO
Nhat Protar MMO

On this blog I will share but experience making money from brave with income 1000 $ to 5000 $ 1 month !! Good luck

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