Enjin JumpNet is live but with problems, now you can do fee-free NFT transactions!

By AlexCocoPro | NFTs with ENJIN | 6 Apr 2021

The JumpNet project of the utility cryptocurrency Enjin is already active according to an announcement that they made today through their social networks offering an image with a QR code which you can scan to start in the new era of NFTs, according to what they promise.

Despite this launch, many of the people who have tried to connect through their Enjin Wallet have reported that they have tried many times and apparently the network is crashed.

In my experience, I tried to connect and retry several times without success.


Despite this drawback, the people who follow the project are very excited due to the high GAS fees that are paid to coin an NFT in the Etherum network. This project represents a true revolution for creators of digital art and the new trend of cryptoarts.

64e1459fe502658f41223563be12793d015d24299536a89f3702ff5f441f0a1d.pngYou can get more information on the official website https://enjin.io/ where you can download the wallet, which is available on google play and the app store. You can also follow the project https://nft.io/


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