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    We're building NFThub to satisfy a rapidly growing need within the NFT industry; which has more recently started to move even faster than it had already been doing.

     As a high level overview: NFThub is intended to be a community-driven ecosystem with a variety of functions. Foremost, it will function in a similar manner to or dappradar, with the difference that instead of tracking all dapps; it will have an extensive directory of, and eventually analytics for, all things NFT. At first; we will curate a directory likely to inlude 150-200 individual projects that our team are utilizing, contributing to, or have been paying close attention to, as the platform grows, we aim to clone everything to IPFS or Arweave, as well as allow for project representatives to create/manage their own listings.          

          The directory will be categorized into things such as
 -Minting Platforms -
 -Gaming -
 -Art Collectives and Galleries
 -News Outlets 
 -Web Resources /
 -YouTube+Podcasts   -Personal or
  -Community Tokens aimed at NFTs
  -Developer Resources / Etc.  

Other features that will be included as a part of the initial public release include: - a gamified social network - public event calendar [anyone will be able to request their event listed. reputable projects/individuals will be able to bypass the request process and simply add their events] - An educational content series for new entrants to the space - A bi-weekly meetup to facilitate networking/discovery, as well as occasional AMA's with NFT based projects and well known creators in the space. - [details in discussion] incentives to encourage people to share knowledge/skills/resources
    Beyond the planned launch features, we've discussed a variety of other features, side-projects, and collaborative possibilities. The website is being built currently, and will have an explainer video published soon, the social network feature is live for testing with users being invited selectively, and we're creating "community profiles" on numerous platforms to have a widespread web-presence available to the community.

    At the moment, the team is very small (but growing) and is looking developers and advisors, but we're limited on available time/resources but don't want to attract users that have no interest in the platform or the community after receiving their free tokens/NFTs.  [we've started approaching projects/people that we feel would benefit from a strategic partnership of sorts, and hope to grow the team steadily and organically]

Discord - Telegram - Social Network (ALPHA) - Pitch Deck -  

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BruceTheGoose is one of very few legitimate NFT experts. Bruce has worked closely with over a dozen dapps and NFT projects as a creative and/or consultatnt, is the founder of Nifty Pride and of NFThub, as well as joining the core team at Polygon studios.

NFThub | Helping you to mainline the Metaverse
NFThub | Helping you to mainline the Metaverse

NFThub is a robust suite of features, tools, content, and services focused on the discovery, adoption, and education of all things NFT. By providing a free and public project registry and community calendar, we intend to provide a unified news/knowledgebase away from the noise of cryptotwitter. At the same time, by offering educational content fit for all experience levels, gamification strategies, and hybrid yield farming, we're helping onboard the next million users to blockchain.

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