Gamification for $gNFT and NFThub

Ever since the day NFT hub was started, I had planned on having it be gamified to an extent. Until today, I have not really had a whole ton planned, but I did want to do something similar to the Harry Potter housing system, where it could be competitive, but directly, so that people are motivated to do things, but not actively compete with each other. Today, I think I think I solved it,and at the same time also solved several other minor concerns, which I was not certain that I had any good options for previously. Right now. As it stands, a  single token staking pool will be set up adding an early use case of the token as well as demand and giving people reward for it. So you'll be able to stake your gNFT tokens to earn points that will be able to be redeemed for one of four different badges that are basically a membership card. That will give you access to the "house", as I'm calling it for now, and allowing you to represent that faction while earning "experience points" and loot. Instead of a random selection, you'll be able to choose which you want to be a part of. And there's only so many member cards for each house so tech theoretically, if you want to be competitive about it you could stake longer and stake more and try to get another factinos card(s) meaning that they'd have less of a chance to get the one they want, and then you can sell it to others on a secondary  market. But those cards will do is there's also plans for a learn to earn program, just by kind of thinking about casually and like, we've been planning on calling your quests, as part of like the gamified RPG type of feel.






So now, everyone who is a part of these four houses which are currently the house of chaos, House of order. The House of Wisdom and house, strength, everyone who is a part of that house and competes or completes a quest which is basically a guided learning path.


Then we'll earn points for their house for whatever cycle, it'll be a season of some sort. At the end of that cycle then everybody in that house will get an additional price on top of what they earn from doing learning pads to begin with. So I think that is going to be pretty cool. I hope. I feel like it's brilliant. I felt pretty genius about it, I'm gonna get the single asset farm set up, and then like that, there's gonna be a minimum that you have to stick to be able to start staking for the cards like that adds man to the token, then there's going to be maximum you can stake so you can get, like, super add everybody.

I think it's gonna work out really well. I'm excited about it anyway, um house chaos 100%. , um, I figure I can do like, quote unquote,
tier two versions of the member, and up to use were like there's maybe 10% of the quantity of them, and they give you an additional bonus on top of the bonuses you already got if your house wins, and they're more expensive to earn, but it cost more points to stay, or to redeem from second. And I think I like this thing a lot better than just typing, and I have like, because of this like I'm just like, I can fix this stuff right. That's right, dictated but not read.


Pardon my poor grammar and spelling; I was using speech to text and I talk far less articulitely than I write.





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