Those Telegram Clicker Programs Might Just Be On To Something

By bitcoinflood | NFTGames | 15 Jun 2024

Just the other day I wrote about telegram tap games that have been growing in popularity. Since then I've found even more and I believe I'm up to around 15 or so. You can read about that full article here Are Clicker Bots Like Hamster Kombat Worth It? Well in that article I included on called PixelVerse and what I'm about to tell you might blow your mind.

Sure any of these clickers might be scams or worth nothing but as long as you do your due diligence and protect your wallets then you're doing your best in what could possible be a huge massive new project that nets you hundreds if not thousands of dollars by being in early and active.

That's often what happened in the case of NOT coin and the amount of users over 100 million+ just shows you how much popularity these types of platforms have right now. Even if you could only capture 1% of the market that would be 1 million users which is just mind boggling when you think about it.


Just raised over 5.5 million dollars as it pushes into web3 gaming. Now out of all of these clickers Pixelverse actully seems to have more of a backend to it with other games and a full web3 universe for the most part.

This is where I believe simple clicker type programs like this because they are so popular right now could be a massive entry point into a full ecosystem of yours.

The PixelVerse is all about collecting character cards and then battling others with those cards. There's also some anti cheat measures in place (which I'm not so sure how good it is at really preventing cheaters but hey it's something!)

While the game seems simple enough now this is just the starting point for it. And I believe these types of systems will continue to explode mainly because they are just so damn stupid simple to play. Legit if you need something to do while you wait for something for five minutes you can whip this thing out and get in a few "battles" or collect your tokens etc. The simplicity is what makes these so popular and with that popularity comes revenue value of the token.

It's unclear at the moment but I'm pretty sure these tokens or at least one will expand into other areas. Some might be web3 gaming while others might end up entering staking and DeFi depending on their overall mission.

Now a word of warning. This article is not financial advice. Do your own research before investing but also understand the risks of the potential even higher now of scams, hacks etc due to the massive popularity of these games. When I mean massive popularity I'm talking over 150 MILLION players in Hamster Kombat.

I know these games get a bad rep for sure at times but I think there's a lot that can be learned here in terms of marketing and popularity of growth. Even if just a fraction of this massive population takes hold and keeps using the platform that's HUGE and it's showing us as well that there is massive competition now happening in the web3 and crypto space like never before.

We can also watch and learn how these simple games are onboarding ramps to something bigger as I'm sure some of these projects will continue to be flushed out.

Take this for example.

Mr. Beast is pretty upset because some cartoon Hamster just crushed his all time highs lol This being Hamster Kombat This account boosts 22.9 million subscribers and a vast majority of their youtube videos are getting multi million watches. The channel at least from what I can tell is only 3 weeks old as well from when the first video was released.

This means this hamster fella is most likely making boat loads of Fiat income just from youtube videos and heck they might even be earning it from X as well since they have profit shares as well.

I gotta say the thumbnails, animations etc for the youtube videos are pretty solid as well and there's now a massive community behind it. That's the true power of these types of projects. Love it or hate it I still feel like much can be learned from this and even tapped into!

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