A Look At The Rebellion On Splinterlands Play 2 Earn NFT Game

By bitcoinflood | NFTGames | 25 Feb 2024

I'll admit when land was finally released late November I was pumped for everything land could become. Now moving in on three months later we are still waiting for land 1.6 in which we were told that once land 1.5 was out that the rest should be quick and smooth sailing. That doesn't seem to be the case at least from the outside looking in.

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However it's not all about land and honestly land is a very small factor in the game. As someone else brought up, land really only caters to heavy investors and those long term in the project. It barrier to entry for land is roughly $150 at least and that's with some pretty basic cards. When land 2.0 comes out with buildings etc that barrier to entry is most likely only going to increase. That's not a bad thing as there's a lot of investment that does go into it and it's meant to be a long term project and from that will be a lot of liquidity pool transactions and in game assets that will fuel the ecosystem.

So let's take a moment and look at all the things that are going on in Splinterlands as of late.



Rebellion launched with decent success. In fact the presale almost sold out I would say only a few thousand packs were left. Since then packs have been selling pretty steady and that have a little more utility to them compared to other cards.

Not only are they great cards to add to your collection but the design and overall feel for the cards is pretty dang awesome. They can also be used on lands if you wish. Taken into battle to earn rewards in the game. Last but not least the new air drop system in which your packs and cards to into battle wagons to get chances at airdrop cards. Which is actully kind of cool as it forces people to upgrade cards and make them better in order to get more points instead of just stacking unopened packs which has been an issue in the latest Chaos Legion pack sale.

Battle Changes Coming Soon


As you can see a big reason why I'm in favor of this change is to hopefully get my max card sets and $40,000 current value of NFTs to get me out of bronze lol It honestly sucks when you have max cards and you're stuck in bronze because you can't use your max level cards.

This might be an area I'm the most hyped about and I think it will have a positive change on the game. Of course we will still have to watch out for bot armies and the likes which can be countered pretty easily with some captcha like I see on many games. I'm totally cool with entering in a custom captcha every 5-10 battles (not every time) as a way to help mitigate bots but there's also tons of others things that can be done as well.

In any case the new battle system seems to be you can use whatever cards you want max level and it's going to scale you based on that compared to others. That's actully smart and it's the direction I've seen many games go that are doing well. I think the most classic example of this would be the Gala game I play called Champions Arena. Where your battle with your highest NFTs you want vs others and it just ranks you based on that compared to everyone else. That means there is always a need to constantly increase your hero to keep placing higher and stay active in the game.

The Burning Event

A burning event will be happening and it's still getting the details worked out on it. In general the idea is to burn through a bunch of DEC, Vouchers and older cards which have been crazy inflated for a very long time since the last bull run and mistakes made in selling a massive amount of chaos legion packs.

My thoughts on this are going to be how are we going to figure out how to burn more value than is being given away. That's going to be the tricky part but something the team and DAO needs to figure out. These cards simply need to be burned and removed from the game in order to get things to process again. The whole fly wheel thing really isn't in effect yet but with land 2.0 I feel that could make some heavy hitters start to really invest with DEC and removing extra stuff from the game to make room for new stuff which kind of makes sense.

Let's see how things work out rolling forward. I'm happy to see changes, innovation and trying new things. Not every one of these ideas is going to be a hit but that's important is you try, learn and adapt in order to growth. That goes for this game and for life in general.

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