Ultimate 1 Year Birthday Guide

By NFT Journalist | NFT Journalist | 30 Jul 2022

Ultimate 1 Year Birthday Guide

We have been speaking a lot about pixeltycoons 1 year Birthday, and the time for the Ultimate Party Guide as arrived!

On this Guide you will learn a bit more about the whole program for the festivities at the 31st of July. 

This event will last almost the whole day (UTC) and will Count with different mini events that will Spice the vibes up and ensuring a pleasurable experience from beggining to end.


Let's break now the flow of events and what do you need to remain from all the info about it!


 Trophies - Once a Year (Event)


This special event will celebrate and reward users, mainly Trophy NTTs (non Transferable Tokens).


On this event we will look for:


- Top Holders - (lands, characters and slimes/magic creatures). If you are one of them you will get a trophy 🏆 


- Play to Qualify - Top Farmers, Traders, Trainers and Collectors (on explore, search, chop, mine and home commands. If you are among the top players in any of the available areas, you will earn a mysterious cup pack, 1 Slice of 1 year Birthday, 5x Copper Coins and 1 Top 3 Player NTT 


Trophies Article — mm


Drink Up

After delivering all Top player/holder prizes, we will follow with a the Drink Up Event!

On this one, we will look for 2 conditions to be airdropped 1 energetic drink:


1- We are looking for all the cup holders and every single one will be airdropped 1 energetic for each cup held.


2- We are looking for all the addresses that completed the Quest: "Share the Drinks" successfully. For each valid entry on the quest, the applicant (inviter) will be airdropped 1 Energetic Drink for each successful application 


Check Telegram Quest if you want to learn more!



Drink Up Event and Drink Pong Article—


Mystery Cup Pack Sale



 Buy it at



Drink Pong

After all those Drink airdrops, the Ping Pong Ball Holders may have some fun playing Beer Pong + a chance to earn 100 WAX (only 3 Holders as of today)


The winner will be randomly selected!


 Team Up

This event has a collaborative nature and was sponsored by 22 different NFT collections. The donation Prize Pool is over 10k wax worth of value and is going to be split among 10 Lucky users. 


Highest winners will have better prizes, but overall all Top 10 prizes are worth the attention, and most of all, more than worth than the cost of the Team Up Ticket.


This event will be fragmented and interchanged with the flow of other events and winners will be selected during the whole day. 


Prizes will be delivered as winners are selected. More info below


## Team Up Event Article —


Team Up Ticket Sale



### Nefty -


### NFT Hive -



Slice of Birthday Cake


This event translates into a gourmet experience (Slice of Birthday Cake) which is a Utility NFT worth 500 Calories in pixeltycoons Collector Adventure Telegram Game. Holding this NFT during the Party will allow:


To be part of a big raffle with 3 big prizes.


All 3 winners will earn each 1 of the most exclusive packs ever created by the collection, which includes A varied selection of NFTs that allow for an easy start into all pixeltycoons mechanics.


The top winner will also earn the 1/1 Birthday Cake - 1 Year Birthday

This item is worth 100k Calories and is a unique Collection NFT.


### Birthday Cake Event —

## Quest - Official Invitation



Earn 1 NTT that allows you to claim this drop.



Other Ways to Get a Slice


### NFT Hive (WAX Drop) -

### NEFTY (WAX Drop) -

### FREE KPASS holders Drop —

### KPASS Free Slice Drop -

### Alternative Slice Drops 1 —

### $KCHAT Slice -

### $SSN Slice -

### $SSN Slice / $MEOW Slice / $CAIT Slice / $PURPLE Slice

## PixelTycoons Twitter Space

We will host a Twitter space and all  the Collaborators are invited, as well as anyone who feels like joining us. We will speak about how NFTs can be used to solve real world problems and improve web2 services. 


### Join us 😃


# Thank you for your time!

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