2 Months of NFT Journalist - Looking Back

By NFT Journalist | NFT Journalist | 26 Mar 2022

 2 Months of NFT Interviews


2 Months have passed since I made my first post as NFT Journalist.


Since then I have been on the look-out for underground creators with interesting NFT projects to feature. At some point the opportunity appeared and I interviewed a NFT Collector as well. In the near future I plan to expand this interviews into all possible crypto related services.



Where can you find my work?



You can find links to every crypto blog I am into on my website!



Why do I post in 3 different crypto blogs?


Pretty simple. Each platform offers different types of benefits. Why not seize all of them since the content is on the making?




One of the most interesting features on it is the Up Vote / Tip Bot. It has been coded to learn and judge the content. Their creators claim a 88% accuracy on it up voting good content under the requirements set by the team. On this span of time, the amount of tips earned on this platform out reach all the others, by far. Tips earned on this platform were 6.89$.






This platform has been the one that provided more views to the uploaded content. The amount of tips earned on this platform were 40 cents (split 2 different altcoins, AMPL and STA). The amount of views really makes up for this on my opinion.






Lately I adopted a new blockchain, HIVE. It's central aspect revolves around blogging and social networks. This is where all have spent most time lately, has it seems one of the richest communities i have ever found. On this platform it is not so easy to get results on the short term, yet there are good chances of someone spotting your work and delegating you some HIVE Power so that you can upload more content. It happened to me and I am very grateful to @recording-box for making my beggining favorable at the HIVE. Tips on this platform until now were around 5.5 Cents yet the number may increase until the payout occurs (7 days after making the post).


Instagram Interviews


Instagram is the place where i held all the Interviews until now. That's one of the main places I scout for new NFT projects.

My last interview was different than the regular because I interviewed a NFT Collector. This was rather beneficial and brought an increased exposure among some underground and taking off nft creators. The interview Flux is slowly increasing and I am using each creator uniqueness to inspire me into making a unique interview.





This first 2 months were joyful, connecting with other NFT creators. I got very surprised by the overall results, which surprise my daily life social scale. It seems NFT content is one of the most popular productions at the moment.


Eager to bring you the next NFT Interview!!


Peace ❤️

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NFT Journalist
NFT Journalist

I am a NFT Creator and lover who interviews other NFT Creators.

NFT Journalist
NFT Journalist

Passionate NFT Creator and artist that interviews other creators

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