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By NFT Journalist | NFT Journalist | 22 Mar 2022

One of this days i met a NFT collector on Instagram and we agreed on making a NFT interview!


Hello @mary__mary! I how are you? 😃

Today our interview will be slightly different than the usual, as you are not a NFT Creator. Yet I know you work a lot with NFTs. Can you tell me a little bit about what you do?


Feeling very good thanks !
I’m Mary , I’m a head colorist irl, i live in France and I am 33 years old .
In the NFT world I try to help the artist and try to be the best owner for create the best community aroud my favorite project .


Welcome to the NFT interview, Mary! So, let's assume that you like one collection in particular. You go ahead and support the artists by buying their drops, and then you try to help the artists make a good community, right?
I reckon that active NFT Collector's like you can certainly help new creators stand out.

How Long do you have been collecting NFTs?


I started the NFT in October 2021
I’m a big fan of the brand SUPREME and they’re made a collaboration with waheed zai , after this I see he make NFT and I started to be i interest cause I love art .


Supreme you mean the cloth brand?

I had no idea they were into NFTs, but thinking about it, makes more sense than not.

So you have been looking at the market for around 5 Months now!

How many NFTs do you hold in your wallet?


Yeah the supreme brand make one tee with him
I have 425 NFT in my wallet today


That's quite a big collection!

That number doesn't count all the secondary sales you probably made.

Can you shoot an average of how many NFTs have you sold as well?


I make like 100 flip for sure 👌🏾

I have a lot for a long terme , I have a good feeling in the futur about polygon collection , new wave coming I feel it


Both holding and selling can potentially support the artists directly. Polygon is working its way and I also believe a new wave may be coming soon.

After all those flips, what is usually your main plan?

Cash out? Try to get more drops from same artist at price floor? Can you share?


I talk a lot with artists about the future of the roadmap, the reel question is ^ Why my owner want keep my NFT , and why the new owner want be part of the project ^
Today the Artist need to create reel advantages for the owners like giveaway for owner, for money or NFT . I can take the exemplary about my 3 favorite collections
Chi biz

Mutant DINOS

Real bonus for the owner coming and my objective for the moment is not to cash out. I stated with 200$ and Up to 1000$ And continue to use this benefit for take other collection.

Make money with money this is the keys


And as a Collector, how easy do you find it to connect with NFT creators in general?



This 2 project ! Day one too , the Artist are very cool and pro , solid roadmap and the owners look very good

It’s all about to be together, ok sometimes you need money , but it’s not good to sold below the floor price cause you need money , when you be part of good project it’s not about you but about us , patience is the keys

Never buy one NFT and be not ready to loose this money

One thing a love with NFT , is that’s you CAN’T no lie , everybody can see the activity


Noticed the first project totally sold out. Pretty sure you will support the next drop.

The projects look good overall, have quite a decent followers number and seem to have a good community support.

Great advice, about investing. The golden rule 😃

NFT, Blockchain, the impenetrable crystal clear fortress of immutable information for the sake of transparency and financial freedom.

Now as a Collector that has got in contact with many projects I challenge you to review my 2 NFT projects on Opensea.

You take the time you need and the opensea link will be in the bio of both projects. Through opensea you will be able to access the website in case you want.

Are you ready?







Last one, is the bonus



I like the bots collection, nice pixel!


Thank you! Are you involved in any Crypto Game?


Game with NFT ?



Yes, Game with NFTs 😀



Not for the moment.


Do you have any interest on that area, or do you think it is too tike consuming for your current lifestyle?


I am very interest, I just need more time but I can’t with my irl work 😅


That is understandable. If you could get your word spread to 1 Million people, what advice would you give to all of them, regarding NFTs?


the world of nft has a limited capacity even more than art because the owners can have real advantages by owning certain nft, it's clearly part of the future for me whether it's for brands, companies or simple designer artists , singer, tattoo artist, they all have the ability to create a real community around their universe.


Thank you for your words. Will you share this interview among the communities you are part of?


Yeah for sure i go talk about you and your page 💯


That would be highly appreciated! Hey @mary__mary, it was a great pleasure to have you for a short interview, this time with a NFT Collector to break routine!

NFT Journalist is looking for creators to interview! Share if you care 🥰




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