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Splinterlands News Summary

Splinterlands  is a blockchain-based card game, where trading cards are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that allow players to own, trade, and earn their resources in the game.
In this blog Splinterlands has been covered several times following the various expansions.
Here you can find a list of the points discussed so far, compared to a few years splinterlands is no longer a free-to-play NFT game.

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Splinterlands News SPS Validator

The SPS governance system will work via a Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus model very similar to that of networks such as Hive, EOS, BSC and many others.

This means that any account with staking SPS tokens can vote for accounts running validation nodes to elect the persons or entities who will be responsible for validating all SPS transactions and who will control the SPS foundation funds.
It will not cost anything or use SPS in stake to vote for validators in any way.
Simply an additional use for staking SPS tokens and a way for token holders to participate in system governance.

Each block on Hive's blockchain is randomly assigned to one of the validators running the software based on the amount of staking SPS tokens they have voted on.

Once confirmed, the validator receives an SPS token reward for validating that block. The more staking SPSs are voting for a particular validator, the more blocks are awarded and the more rewards you receive.
Under a table with the cost of each license, there are 60,000 in total

newmftgame_splinterlandsSPS Splinterlands News Coming Soon

Splinterlands News bot, rewards etc.

Splinterlands is trying to solve a series of let's call them "problems" which over time are affirming themselves more and more frequently.

  • Bots, rewards, multiple accounts, etc. they are ultimately problems at the basis of the economy / mechanics of the system.
  • The real problem comes down to ghost cards (free cards for each player)
  • The solution is to still allow starting cards, but each starting card used will reduce the earnings.
  • Bonuses like Guild Bonuses, Win Streaks, Gold Foil and Alpha / Beta, etc. the reward rates will increase.
  • The starting cards used will reduce your DEC odds.
  • The team is planning a massive increase in rewards across all tiers / leagues.
  • The higher leagues will have much higher rewards

The best way to earn rewards will be to play on a single account every day (30 battles per day).

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