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Luna Rush RPG IDLE on blockchain

Entering  Luna Rush  at the beginning was quite complicated with the value of the token over 4 $ After the launch of the game the players started to earn and sell the token which has dropped to about 0.50 $ much more affordable to test it!

A bit like it also happened for Space Crypto ( read the article here! ) That after days the SPE token was at $ 2.50 / 3 and as soon as they opened the claim it fell to $ 0.50 and today we even find it at $ 0.10 with many complaints from players who believed in the project, but is now really struggling to recover.

Luna rush is in the same situation from this point of view, however it seems that the token is stable at $ 0.50 / 0.70 and they are launching several very interesting updates. They have the character fusion and the highly anticipated ref link on the agenda.

Update! Right now the ref link system is active which promises 100k boxes !! If you buy 10 box we both take a box!!

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luna_rush_nftgame2-1024x360 Luna Rush enter now?

Luna Rush Boss Battle


As usual there are characters with 7 different rarities in total

The rarity adjusts the battle chip limit, maximum level, maximum ability of the slot.
Battle Token Limit: The number of battles the warrior participates in to earn tokens.
Maximum Level: The maximum level a warrior can reach.
Skill slot unlock: The maximum number of skills a player can learn.
There are only 200 divine warriors in Luna Rush, no more.

Players bring 1 to 3 warriors to fight the boss.
Each day there will be 10 boss maps that will appear for players to participate in the fights.

Killing boss number 1 will unlock boss number 2 then 3-4 and so on.
After the death of the boss, the player will be opened a chest with the token corresponding to that chest.

At exactly 00:00 UTC the map will reset and start again from the beginning!

luna_rush_nftgame1 Luna Rush enter now?

Luna Rush PVP & LAND have not yet been implemented


In the RPG IDLE games an important aspect is above all the PVP.
Luna Rush also promises to implement this really exciting mode for the catkins of the challenges against other players and not just for the PVE.

There are 11 characters each with unique abilities.

Players bring their warriors to the arena to compete with other players.
Gain experience and learn more skills and weapons to increase strength.
For each victory he will get more tokens and experience points, trophies.
1v1, 3v3 battle modes.

Furthermore, there is the intention to implement also some Land.

There are 4 types of terrain: Frejlord, Zaun, Piltover, Nonia. Each land has a different location and nature.
Landowners can use, rent, or let other players do missions to collect taxes.
The closer the land is to the event location, the more advantageous it is in terms of playing time for the special event.
There are only 6000 terrains in Luna Rush.


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