Onixcoin Twitter Community Giveaway

 Onixcoin Twitter giveaway (ONIX)

Onixcoin The Blockchain for NFT Gaming is having a giveaway.The highly anticipated layer 1 blockchain designed for game developers is giving the chance to receive 100 $ONIX for participating in the promotion. The first NFT game is set to release Q2 2022 and community members are hyped for the beta release of Army of Crypto. The game will have play to earn and free to play features and promises to be a fun strategy game to captivate your mind. Join the Onix Family by participating in the giveaway on Twitter. More details about the project can be found here https://onixcoin.io

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The Giveaway

Complete a few basic tasks to qualify for the reward at the end of the giveaway period.

Reward: 100 $ONIX 

How to join ??  Follow Twitter Handle @Onixcoin_io

Like, Retweet, and tag 3 friends 

Create your Onixcoin wallet https://wallet.onixcoin.io 

Share your ONIX address in the twitter post

Join the Telegram channel https://t.me/onixcoin_io for the announcement of the end of the giveaway and payout times.

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Trey Trillionaire
Trey Trillionaire

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NFT Gaming Community
NFT Gaming Community

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