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Hey guys!

Have you heard of Torum yet? 

Torum is a social media platform with the vision to "bridge the gap between cryptocurrency communities across the world". And the daily signups are going ham!!!
I only joined a few days ago and already made so many new connections and got free NFTs and airdrops. Hence I would suggest you to join now. Oh I completely forgot: you earn XTM (0.05$/XTM) for participating and achieving different missions.

I made a short introduction on Torum and its features & benefits for you:


Torum homescreen

Torum Homepage

At first sight, Torum looked really familiar to Facebook to me. Nonetheless, there are clear distinctions. Not only can you see the dogecoin emoji, but on Torum you also have a profile page and the tabs companies, clans, missions, messages, notifications, wallet, and account info. I think notifications and messages are self-explanatory and companies (as you can see in the following image) is a page for company accounts:

Torum Company Accounts Page

Torum Companies Page



The clan page was really interesting for me because within the page you can join clans similar to Facebook groups and find likely-minded people in the crypto-space on niche topics. Especially cool (I think) are the Airdrop & Free NFT clans, where people open threads to give you info on upcoming drops. I also started posting in these clans when I found interesting airdrops or free NFTs:


Torum Free NFT Clan Page


Missions & Gifts

The mission tab might be interesting for you, as fulfilling your missions will earn you XTM.The missions are divided in daily missions, 7 days,  one-timer missions and special missions(referral). You can see the current state of my missions and an overview in the following pictures:                                     

        Daily Missions TorumWeekly Missions TorumOn timer Missions TorumSpecial Missions Torum

Torum Mission Overview

As you can see above, you are getting rewarded for participation on Torum (so you might start now while you get as much XTM as possible).

Furthermore, you can tip other uses in form of gifts. Each gift holds certain value of XTM and people are already using it as a on platform currency. You can find an overview of the gifts on Torum:

Torum gift overview26884f4e72a5b650087c1608102dbbf18078bea4a2310581862d3ac06772dce8.pngTorum gift overview 3Torum gift overview 4

Torum Gifts Overview


Lastly, I want to give you an inside to the wallet on Torum. As you can see in the image below I hold 0.9 XTM in my exchange wallet, while having 204 XTM in accumulated mission rewards.I received two gifts which hold the value of 0.9 XTM (which equals my exchange wallet). This is due to the fact that you have to accumulate at least 500 XTM through missions to unlock withdraw restrictions. Furthermore, the XTM which you earn from inviting a friend (special mission) do not count.

         0adb0de893e49b08abcc1e38403f6c3732e869a0e3745cfbbcef84fc0d7af3b8.pngTorum Wallet Mission Awards

Torum Wallet Overview


I think that's it for now. I can only recommend you to join, I already got 35 NFTs in 3 days through the Free NFT clans and made so many new connections.

There is so much more on Torum!

Join now!

If you thought this was insightful, tips are appreciated! :)





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