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Presearch x CoinMarketCap


Today I was happy to hear that CoinMarketCap and Presearch announced a major partnership:

With growth exploding due to Presearch being included as a default search engine on Android devices in Europe, the platform is now handling more than 2.5 million daily searches and has 35,000 nodes now powering the Presearch testnet. This surge in growth is leading industry leaders like CoinMarketCap to take notice. — Presearch, 2021

If you are active in the crypt realm, you have heard of CoinMarketCap (CMC) or you are even using it on a daily basis. The number one crypto information portal CMC and the revolutionary search engine Presearch have reached the following agreement.



Presearch will use CMCs data to power their crypto information package and provide further information referring to CMC. In Exchange CoinMarketCap will provide lots of exposure for Presearch in addition to marketing affords through email, video, blogs, influencer, and social-networks.


The partnership is already live and you can see the layout of included information from CMC in the above image. The graph-design was update and provides a smoother feel (at least to me). At the moment of writing this Post PRE grew by 60% in the last 7 days.


You are not using Presearch yet?

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