12 New NFFT Blockverse Projects You Should Know About



We are so excited to introduce our newеst members of the Blockverse. Learn about these exciting blockchain projects making their mark on NFFT’s Blockverse.

GenShards – a new marketplace transforming NFTs into a liquidity vehicle for Pre-IDO tokens and a whole new suite of DeFi products across multiple blockchains.

Gala Games - a decentralized gaming platform for quality games and. For passive income, you can churn up Gala nodes to get GALA and NFT rewards.

PiCoreTeam and their Pi – a coin you can mine on your phone without draining your battery. Just push the mine button once a day.

Pickle Finance - the team says that the future of finance is green! Check out what they’re doing to make it so!

GUStakes - a progressive platform that allows players of the game Gods Unchained to Stake xDai, Polygon (MATIC), BNB, or Ubiq on 1 v 1 matches!

Mute.io - Imagine a Robinhood or Cash App for crypto but controlled by its users, rather than a central entity. Check out Mute.io on the blockverse.

Super Farm DAO - a project that strives to make NFTs easier and more accessible by innovating ways to create, farm, and sell NFTs.

Knockers Coin - Every time knockers are transacted: 2% is reflected in all wallets to reward long-term holders.

Verox - the artificial intelligence investment manager for crypto and DeFi. They fuse the expertise of select crypto partners with artificial intelligence to achieve above human performance.

Shikoku Inu - Being the cutest exchange ever, SHIKO is a 100% community-driven decentralized utility token. Their SHIKO ecosystem will aim to better the crypto world and increase trading efficiency.

HEX - the first decentralized Certificate of Deposit on the blockchain! Trustless interest! The more/longer you stake, the more you make!

Wise Token - the team is setting a new, ethical standard for DeFi – Fair launch, no admin keys, and 100% of ecosystem profits go to token holders.

That completes our list of the latest exciting projects to join the Blockverse.

Our community is really happy to work with such amazing projects. Want to join the Blockverse? Check out available blocks here.

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NFFT Partnership

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