Nexus/Coinstore Online Event for Launch of NXS/USDT Pair

Dear Nexus Community,

We are super-excited to share this amazing news with everyone. After a month of joint collaborative work, we are happy to announce that the deployment of the much-awaited NXS/USDT release on Coinstore is almost complete!  The release is on May 16th, and we will be holding a Live Online event on May 14th to celebrate this milestone. 


It has been a roller-coaster of behind-the-scenes collaborations and we would like to seize the opportunity to give a massive shout out to the developers of both Coinstore and Nexus for their amazing work.

We also would like to give a big thank you to the Nexus Community, for their generous donations used to complete the final payment to Coinstore for the integration.  On very short notice, we were able to raise almost 21,000 NXS.  Thank you!  

A USDT trading pair has always been a key request of the Nexus Community and we feel we are getting closer to unleash the full power of our community-driven project through this means. To this end, we will be holding the May 14th Live Online event to celebrate, and highlight the key strategic details of our partnership with such a fast-rising crypto exchange, Coinstore.

Here is background information on the Event:  

  • Broadcasting for the Event will be global, across major social media and video sharing platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.  A link to the live Event will be posted in official Nexus communication channels shortly beforehand (7 AM Pacific Standard Time).  We will be recording the event for those who can’t make it live.  
  • The Event itself will include a chat and Q&A session with Colin Cantrell ( Architect),  Nexus Ambassadors, Coinstore representatives and their ambassadors, Crypto and Non-crypto Influencers, as well as other invited guests.
  • We will also hold contests.  
  • And dive more into how Nexus and Coinstore will continue to collaborate after the Event.   

Next, while the Event will discuss details further, a thorough breakdown of how our organizations will cooperate after the Event is described below. 

We initially note the partnership is more than just a crypto project trading on a platform.  Nexus and Coinstore are also collaborating on a number of deliverables. 

First, the parties will join forces financially to create an academy (the Nexus and Coinstore Academy), designed to educate developers for both present and future use cases.  This includes interns of Coinstore, to be trained by Nexus Developers.  We will deploy the academy once the Tritium 5.1 updates are integrated, fully powered by the Nexus blockchain.  Here, students will be taught about the Nexus blockchain and its RestApi-driven software stack. If you are a (starting)  programming student and want to connect with the Nexus blockchain, you can easily reach out to the Nexus Developers Channel on Telegram (TG) using this link

Additionally, the Coinstore exchange will list all new projects (i.e., tokens and namespaces) using Nexus’s blockchain.  Coinstore will also provide contracts for listing on the exchange to affiliates of Nexus, for the purpose of generating revenue for non-profit commitments.

Further, when the 5.1 update is ready for deployment, the partnership will make P2P trading available on the exchange, courtesy of the Nexus blockchain.  

In the coming months, to increase awareness of our partnership drive, we will also work with Coinstore to sponsor a number of sporting events. 

Finally, we request your good vibes!  To make the Event a success, we need your support in spreading the word.  We can’t do this without you, the Nexus community, and we appreciate you.  If you haven’t done so already, you can connect to the Nexus community using this link:  

We can’t wait to finally meet (all) Coinstore and Nexus community members, representatives, special guests and (non) crypto influencers at the Live Event, on May 14th, 07:00 PST.

See you at the Event!

“Ad vocem populi” - To the voice of the People

Thank you for supporting us through this journey.


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Nexus Blockchain Introductory Articles

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