Development Recap July 13, 2023

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This is a shortened version of Colin Cantrell’s recap on Twitter.


Hey everyone! 

Welcome to the development update. It's been a bit since we last did one, but we're going to make them more frequent now. I've been focusing on other things lately and not interacting as much, but I know you all like these updates, so we'll aim for maybe biweekly like before.


So, let's talk about what we've been up to. You might have noticed some community issues and infrastructure problems, but don't worry, we've taken care of most of them. The explorer is good, seed nodes are up, and we're setting up a new test net. Kendall's testing stuff for 5.1.1, and we're still figuring out the unstaking issue. But overall, the 5.1.1 features are in, along with some bug fixes and stability improvements.


Next, we'll be focusing on the mobile wallet. I've got a build environment set up on my local computer, so I can work on fixing those annoying crashes and add better reliability checks for nodes. It seems some nodes are sending bad data, which affects the mobile wallet's functionality.


By the way, I'm thinking of getting rid of the drive since not many people seem to use it, and it's costing us quite a bit. Instead, we'll invest in more seed nodes to improve the network.


Speaking of issues, we've come across some strange ones, like SIG abort errors, which seem to be specific to certain operating systems and versions. If you're experiencing these issues with the 5.1.1 wallet, please join our testing group so we can identify and fix them together.


I've been using the 5.1.1 wallet, and it's been working well for me, though some users have reported problems with the daemon not staying up and issues with setting stakes. We're working on fixing those and have already addressed the transaction history problem.


The Invoices module has been updated, and we made some changes to the Tritium++ API, so it's not entirely backwards compatible. But don't worry, we'll work on making these updates incremental and smoother in the future.


Remember, software development has its challenges, and timelines can be tricky. We want to make sure everything is solid before rolling out updates, so your feedback and help in testing are invaluable.


If you encounter any connecting to core issues with the new wallet, please let us know. You can reach out to me in Telegram or here, and I'll set up a dedicated Telegram group for testing. Let's work together to iron out any remaining edge cases.


In my experience, using the old wallet was a hassle. It took forever to open transactions, and my computer would be running at full capacity for minutes. But with the new Trading Plus Plus wallet, it's almost instant. I just open the transactions page and everything runs smoothly.


I know I rushed the release, but I wanted to give you all some certainty. We're still working on the Constitution, and I encourage everyone to contribute their ideas. If you don't like the current setup, feel free to write your own Constitution and we'll put it to a vote.


I've been observing the system, and it's taught me a lot about how it can be manipulated. So, I believe we should limit the number of accounts one arm can manage to prevent centralization of power. 

We need to ensure that no single entity has too much control over the system, just like in mining where we don't want one pool to have over 51% of the hashing power. So, we need to implement similar rules for other aspects, like not letting one arm have more than 20% of the accounts.


We're learning a lot from our past experiences and it's important to have open discussions and suggestions from the community. We're working on a community constitution that will be ratified on-chain with a trust vote, rather than using polls on Telegram which can be manipulated.


I'm also working on the relay proxy for the pure messenger API, which is a high priority. We want to make sure the voting process is secure and accurate, so staking will be used to issue votes in the future. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to join the Constitution channel in Telegram.

I'm also developing a voting app for free and equal, called People's Polls, which will be used for ranked choice voting in an upcoming debate in October.


Our voting app is gaining traction with some big names getting associated with it and even some big names willing to promote it. It's a great way for us to issue new polls and gather raw data on voting results. This will be super helpful in showing discrepancies between voting results and published results in future elections.


I've also been working on an SMS interface for the app and a web interface with ID verification for added security. Bobby Kennedy has shown interest in our voting app and may implement it if he becomes president this year.

As for the market makers, I've been in touch with them and plan to set up a call soon. We're looking at exchanges like GATE and AMI XC for potential listings.


On top of all that, we're working on another use case for Nexus in August. It's an agricultural supply chain system for peer-to-peer markets, and it will tie Nexus into a geospatial environment for a unique augmented reality setup. So, basically, augmented reality is going to be a game-changer with AR glasses and such. Right now, we're working on 3D models and management systems, and there are a couple of use cases in the works. One of them involves developing a mobile wallet using the mobile framework and an embedded node. Remote login is another feature that enhances security and can replace OAuth. We're also looking into creating a password manager on the sig chain for a simplified user experience. 


On the hardware side, I'm experimenting with high voltage capacitors using materials with high dielectric values. This could potentially lead to some interesting electrokinetic applications, which would eliminate the need for fuel in propulsion systems.


I've been working on a project called the lifter, which allows me to create motion from electricity. It's been intriguing and I've been able to replicate it with building. Now, I'm working on amplifying the lift with coil wrapping patterns and different configurations.


I'm also testing a power production system using parametric resonance hydrogen. I have a cell running and conditioning it to get the desired results. Once I have it thoroughly tested, I'll publish the results so others can replicate it.


I'm also experimenting with a plasma reactor system using tungsten rods and sodium carbonate as an electrolyte. It emits actual photons and creates excess heat, which can be used to generate electricity. I'm excited to test it as another reactor.


My goal is to find the most efficient way to produce our own sourced energy with hydrogen and decentralized power, communication, and transportation grids. I want to move away from controlled explosions and create a more sustainable future. It's been great to work with my hands again and have a balance between different pursuits. I'm 3D printing parts and making progress in my research.


So, I used to have a 3D printer and my lady suggested that I should 3D print some stuff. At first, I didn't want to get into it, but she convinced me it's easy. So, I tried it out and now I can design and create my own parts down to the millimeter. It's been really fun and I feel like there are endless possibilities now.


Right now, I'm focused on the voting app, which is a high priority for me. If you want to help with the Constitution, join the Constitution Channel and share your ideas. I'm also working on fixing some issues with the wallet, so if you're having trouble connecting, let me know so we can test it on your computer.


The new test net is up and running, and I'm getting the miners online and setting up the infrastructure. I have some exciting use cases coming up in the next month, and I'm really looking forward to it.


The social architecture tests have been interesting, and I'm open to any insights or help from people who understand the world of mind games. I'm pretty straightforward and don't play many mind games myself, so any assistance would be great.


Once everything is ready, I'll issue it for a vote. So, until next time, thank you all for joining and I'll update you in a couple of weeks. Everything's going pretty good, and I can't complain. 

See you guys soon!




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