Wink Dapp on Tron: The House always wins!

By Cryptonsula | Nextgen Cryptos | 23 Jun 2020

By 2018, the U.S. gambling market revenue reached $ 79.42 bn.

Wink (previously called "TronBet") is a gaming/gambling dapp on the Tron blockchain that came to life c. 24th July, 2019, on the Binance lauchpad. It's predecessor TronBet had been online since October 2018. Their native token is a TRC-20 called WIN. Currently WIN has a circulating supply of 313 bn and total supply capped at 990 bn tokens. WIN currently trades at TRX 0.0046 ($ 0.000075) and $1.44 m worth traded on the last 24 hours.

WIN: The most popular Dapp on the Tron Blockchain

Wink currently ranks no.3 among dappradar's top 5 gambling dapps list, with 1,061 current users and more than 99 K transactions. They feature games in 3 main categories: Dice, Live and Rake. Dice games include the usual provably-fair based games such as Classic Dice, Moon, Ring etc while under Live you get slot machine games, lottery and even monopoly live is available here. Rake is reserved exclusively for their Poker game which they call Wink Poker.


You need a Tronlink wallet to interact with the Dapp. For the dice games, the player has a choice to wager using either TRX, BTT or WIN tokens. In addition the platform also gives out monthly airdrops on WIN to TRX holders, the amount you get being proportional to the amount of TRX held.

Ok, enough about being a player on Wink, what are the investment opportunities?

Windrops: Be a part of the House

I agree that gambling is not a real way of making money, but investing on gambling operations certainly is. By holding the WIN token you become a part of the bussiness side of the platform as you are able to stake (freeze) your WIN token and earn daily dividends from the dapps profits, they call them Windrops. By doing this you will be receiving daily earnings in TRX, BTT and USDT, derived from profits made in all 3 categories of their games; Dice, Live and Rake. Once again, the amount of profit you'll receive is proportional to the amount of WIN you have staked.

There is currently WIN 151 bn staked across the Wink platform, and on an average range of TRX 300 K - 1.8 M ($ 4,800 - 28,800) are distributed as Windrops per day.


In giving an example, a WIN 3,000,000 staked since October 2019 (worth TRX 46,500 or $ 450 at that time) has earned windrops to the tune of  TRX 4,800  ($ 77 by today's TRX exchange rate), that is roughly 10.32% ROI on TRX spent / TRX earned and 17.11% ROI on the USD spent / USD earned comparisons. If the earning trend continues on this pattern then a ROI of at least 17.69% on TRX spent / TRX earned and up to 29.33% USD spent / USD earned can be expected P.A.

Therefore, for ROI of 17 - 29% P.A., the Wink platform is probably the most profitable dapp on the Tron blockchain, or is it not?

But it not all roses, The Price of WIN....?!

If there is something completely not impressive about the Wink platform is the price trend of the WIN token since it's launch. The IEO price was $ 0.00012 back in July 24th, 2019. The price went up to $ 0.0004 when WIN listed on exchanges by July 29th late but surely not for long as then the price took a sharp decline down to $ 0.000095 by mid Jan, 2020. Then on, the price has been hovering around $0.000070 and $0.000100 to date.

If we put the example above into perspective, it would appear that WIN 3,000,000 were worth $ 450 in October 2019, but are now worth $ 230, meaning that WIN has lost about 48.88% of its value since October 2019.



On the other hand one, can also argue that the drop pattern seen on the WIN token is also familiar with many other coins/tokens post IEO/ICO, as WIN demonstrates this rapid drop the moment it listed on exchanges. Maybe this ($ 0.000070 - 0.000100)  is the actual stable price of WIN after all given the fact that it has a supply of 990 bn.


It is probably to early to say much about the Wink platform as it's hardly finishing its 11th month of life. Even though lucrative returns seem to be delivered, the price of WIN needs to recover for it to be sounding investment. We may be luck to see things change from Q.3 2020.

As always, do your own research, make your own decisions and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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