Modern communication technology and journalism

1/It follows from the use of both advanced multimedia and modern communication media, within the framework of the electronic editing process in the electronic newspaper, which led to a very important shift with regard to the work of the current press editor, after the editor in the printed newspaper relied on two expressive tools:


2/ written texts and images. stationary, the editor in the electronic newspaper can rely in addition to these two tools on expression in sound and moving image, and therefore his method adopted in his method of relying on words in conveying the event, news, or content carried by the journalistic material requires reconsideration, in the presence of the possibility of expression in the image The use of words in the traditional form in which they were used in the printed press previously decreases. As for the development of this new technological development, it opened new horizons for press publishing, which is known as modern electronic journalism. Despite the short duration of this period, which does not exceed a decade, the importance of this type of new journalism has emerged.


3/ creating a website for newspapers and magazines has become an indispensable necessity. Most of the printed newspapers, if not all of them, today have their own websites, but the reality is that there are still obstacles that indicate that there are a number of obstacles facing the electronic press, the most important of which is that updating the website does not take place until hours after the newspaper is issued, and the weakness of the technologies used in most websites. For archiving and retrieval of previous information. Researchers agree that today we live in the age of technology, information and social communication, and we actually live in an information society that depends on investing in modern technologies in producing abundant information for use in providing services quickly and effectively, and electronic journalism is a kind of communication between people through cyberspace and arts are used in it. Mechanisms and work skills in the traditional (printed) press, in addition to the skills, mechanisms and new information technologies that are appropriate for the use of cyberspace as a medium or a means of communication, including the use of text, sound, image and different levels of interaction with the recipient to investigate real-time and non-real-time news, processing, analyzing it and disseminating it to the masses in an appropriate circumstance. Speed ​​through cyberspace quickly.


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Next Wave of Technology.
Next Wave of Technology.

Technology is a modern technology that appeared in our time and developed a group of things that we considered difficult, made it easier and brought us closer to skills and everything necessary in our lives, and gave us a clear view of the universe and brought it closer to us from all its aspects.

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