New Data Suggests That Satoshi was Based in London

New Data Suggests That Satoshi was Based in London

By Abhimanyu Krishnan | News | 26 Nov 2020

A new report by The Chain Bulletin Creative Director Doncho Karaivanov published on Nov. 23 suggests that Satoshi Nakamoto may have spent time in London while working on Bitcoin.

  • Karaivanov analyzed Satoshi’s BitcoinTalk forum posts, email, SourceForge commits, WayBack Machine archives, and other data to narrow down where he might have been at the time of Bitcoin’s coding
  • The complete analysis examined a 2-year timeframe, compiling the data to pinpoint the time zone Satoshi was in
  • UK (GMT), US Eastern (EST), US Pacific (PST) were the top 3 locations shortlisted, following an examination of active hours on salesforce repositories and forum 
  • Looking at all of the online data did not definitively suggest one location as Satoshi’s base, but the message "Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks" embedded in the genesis block of Bitcoin -- which the publication claims that Satoshi took from the British print edition of The Times 
  • His use of British slang and spelling, along with this circumstantial evidence related to that Time's article that was present only in the British edition, convinced The Chain Bulletin that Satoshi was both British and based in London
  • The report concludes by saying that it can pinpoint London as Satoshi’s base with “reasonable confidence” based on the aforementioned data

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