Grayscale's Bitcoin Purchases Have Stopped

By Abhimanyu Krishnan | News | 20 Jul 2020

Grayscale investment has not purchased a single Bitcoin (BTC) in roughly 3 weeks, as inferred by documentation submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange (SEC). The digital asset management firm would submit a weekly filing to the SEC that documented its weekly Bitcoin purchases.

The last time that this form was filed was on June 25, when it purchased about 20,000 BTC. Grayscale has made the headlines for its deep position on cryptocurrencies, having purchased more Bitcoin than was produced since the halving, and almost half of all Ethereum (ETH) mined in 2020.

Grayscale recently published its Q2 2020 report and the conclusions show good signs for the institutional market. Institutional investors, hedge funds in particular, are showing increasing interest. The firm reported its largest quarterly inflow at $908.5 million - twice as much as Q1 2020’s inflow, which was $503.7 million.

Bitcoin was the most desired asset, with the Bitcoin Trust bringing in an average weekly investment of $57.8 million, followed by the Ethereum Trust at $10.4 million. 

Speaking to CoinTelegraph, a spokesperson for Grayscale Investments said that the firm was experiencing an “administrative quiet period” and the break in Bitcoin purchases is only temporary.

There was an administrative quiet period for the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust private placement. The Trust is now open for subscription as of Friday, July 10 at 4:00pm ET.

It may just be that the institutional market is experiencing a lull in investments. On the whole, it has significantly increased in value over the past 18 months, as proven by Grayscale’s quarterly reports.

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